2023 Mini Cooper S Specs – Absolutely Stunning Car

2023 Mini Cooper S Specs – Absolutely Stunning Car – A 2023 Mini Cooper S is one of many affordable, fun-to-drive cars on the market today, and its $27,700 price includes destination. However, the Mini allures including its quirky personality, make this pint-sized performer feel a lot more special than other cars that offer more cargo space as well as versatility.

2023 Mini Cooper S Specs

2023 Mini Cooper S Changes

Exterior Design

When it comes to maintaining a Cooper S on the road, Mini’s MacPherson front and rear struts and multilink suspensions do an excellent job. In Sport mode, the Cooper S’s steering is artificially hefty, however, the quick response wants to keep Mini’s go-kart-like ethos alive. In the event that you need to slow down mid-turn, the brake pads are powerful and have merely the correct quantity bite, as well as emergency brake force distribution aids in overall weight transfer.

2023 Mini Cooper S Exterior

Within its sleek exterior lies all of Mini’s quirkiness. The $500 multitone roof on my tester looks great with the gray paint job. The circular housings for the Lightbulbs look great, and also Jack’s taillight layout works perfectly. It’s a very expressive small car, and none of its competitors’ designs have half the joy.

2023 Mini Cooper S Release Date

Interior Design

The personality of the Cooper S is what sets it apart from other sports cars. With an arcade-like chime, the hatchback comes to life. Ambient lighting activates the large, circular central display. Toggle switches are a lot of fun to play around with. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else. 2023 Mini Cooper S Specs

2023 Mini Cooper S Interior

The Mini’s entertainment system, which really is largely a converting new version of BMW’s iDrive 6, runs on an 8.8-inch touchscreen in the center of the dashboard. Wireless CarPlay is regular but Android is not, and you can use the screen or a shifter-mounted dial to control all of the vehicle functions. While they may appear to be haptic controls, they are truly flush-mounted trim pieces and respond with a satisfying click. It would be nice if indeed the small electronic gauge cluster next to the driver could be completely reconfigurable, but it does wash out in direct sunlight.

Even with the Mini’s small size, there isn’t a lot of room in the interior for storage. A small cubby in front of the cup holders is the best place to keep your belongings, as are the door pockets. There is a small amount of room in the central armrest, and this is truly a problem with ergonomics. When it’s down, you’ll have had to reach underneath it to grab the brake pedal, which means you’ll slap something every time you are using the shifter. What good is it if you leave this arm folded up just out of the way anyway?

2023 Mini Cooper S Weight

Only 8.8 cubic ft of cargo space can be found behind the rear seats of the Cooper S. The Mini’s sum of squares shape makes it easy to transport boxy items, and folding the seats down gives you a much more utilizable 34 cubic feet. There’s also a 4-door Cooper S to 13.1 cubic feet of trunk space if this isn’t enough. Inside the larger Hardtop model, folding down the seats confirms 40.7 cubic ft of additional cargo space. However, you forfeit some of the allure of the two-door in the process.

2023 Mini Cooper S Specs

Both a six-speed manual transmission and a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox are available for the Cooper S. The front wheels receive all of the available 189 hp as well as 207 pound-feet of torque. According to Mini, the 0-to-60-mph sprint in 6.5 seconds with the six-speed manual transmission in my tester is accurate. Not bad at all. 2023 Mini Cooper S Specs

2023 Mini Cooper S Engine

As soon as the engine starts, its power surges, and the boost level rises quickly. At 1,350 rpm, all of the torque kicks in, and by 2,000 rpm, you’ve got plenty of forwarding momentum. In traffic, the Cooper S’ low-rpm pulling power is greatly appreciated, even in sixth gear. Although the 6,000-rpm redline isn’t far away, you’ll need to shift more frequently than you think because power truly drops off after the 5,000-rpm peak. 2023 Mini Cooper S Specs

2023 Mini Cooper S 0 60

2023 Mini Cooper S Price and Release Date

Although there are many more affordable options, like the Civic Si as well as WRX, the GTI is an excellent choice for a fun-to-drive, functional vehicle with a lot of room. Even more so if you’ve loaded up a Mini to choices; this Cooper S Hardtop costs $36,750, including an $850 destination charge. Mini as well provides the Cooper S expertise inside its bigger 4-Door, Clubman, as well as Countryman body styles, but the enjoyable factor lessens as the weight you carry around increases. In terms of personality, the Mini will always come out on top.

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