2024 BMW 230i Review : Just Two Doors And A Sloping Roofline

2024 BMW 230i Review : Just Two Doors And A Sloping Roofline – These days, compact coupes are hard to come by, especially in the high-end market. However, the new 230i continues BMW’s dedication to the compact, rear-wheel-drive fun market.

2024 BMW 230i Release Date

2024 BMW 230i Review

Exterior Design

This new 2 Series is 4.4″ longer than just its predecessor since it shares its platform with the bigger 3 Series as well as 4 Series. The coupe is now 2.1″ longer overall and 2.7″ wider than before. As a result, the new 230i weighs about 150 pounds more than its predecessor. 2024 BMW 230i Review

2024 BMW 230i Review

My test vehicle is equipped with the M Sport option, which costs $3,251 and includes things like wider air intakes, shiny window trim, plus just few additional bits of brightwork. As for me, I’m content with the more basic Sport design set. Well, at goodness the grille isn’t enormous.

2024 BMW 230i Exterior

The coupe’s smaller rear lights don’t do much for me because they look out of proportion with the rest of the vehicle’s rear end. Nonetheless, I love the profile, and the newer Metallic purple finish is far better than the Melbourne Red on my tester.

2024 BMW 230i Cargo Space

Interior Design

When compared to other BMWs, this one lacks in the number and sophistication of its standard driver aid features. My prototype lacks modern conveniences such as automatic parking and traffic jam avoidance aids. However, features like AEB, lane departure warning, as well as blind-spot monitoring are standard.

2024 BMW 230i Interior

As for the cabin, the 2 Series relies on BMW’s tried as well as true iDrive 7 system rather than the brand’s cutting-edge iDrive 8 system. It comes with an 8.9″ infotainment system as standard, although my tester also includes an optional 10.4″ entertainment screen as well as 12.4″ electronic gauge cluster. This 2 Series has wireless connectivity for both Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto, as well as a colorful head-up screen is available as an add-on. Outlets for both USB-A and USB-C devices, as well as wireless charging, are provided.

2024 BMW 230i Price

It takes some time for the power sliding mechanism to do its thing, however the back seats get a mechanical opening so that the seats can be tilted forward. Even though I am 5 ft, 9″ tall, I had no trouble stowing away in the backseat. Those of you who are taller than average will be disappointed.

2024 BMW 230i 0-60

The 230i’s trunk is relatively small, measuring in at just 10 cubic feet. Although I was able to relocate a motorbike hitch carrier thanks to the back seats’ fold-down feature, I wouldn’t recommend a two-door coupe to anyone who often plans to transport anything larger than a motorcycle. 2024 BMW 230i Review

2024 BMW 230i Engine

It’s very bad BMW discontinued the 2 Series manual transmission, but ultimately, you only have yourself to blame. In other words, nobody bought the instruction booklet. In its place, the 230i employs an 8-speed automatic gearbox to transmit power to the trunk. A 2L turbocharged inline-four produces 256 horses and 296 of torque to propel the vehicle. The M240i xDrive is the next tier up if you’re looking for additional power or all-wheel drive.

2024 BMW 230i Engine

The 230i still offers plenty of zip. Compared to the preceding 230i, the 2L engine provides higher power and torque, the latter of which is readily available from as low as 1,551 rpm. Its 230i’s low-end thrust allows you to power out of curves like a boss, making it ideal for high-speed cornering. Even in Sport mode, the 230i’s 8 automatic gearbox is quick enough that I rarely use the paddle shifters.

2024 BMW 230i Specs

M Sport rear axle as well as bigger brakes are part of the Dynamic Handling Package. A delightful $1,901 upgrade, this sends extra power to the outer rear tire during turns, making corner carving more enjoyable. The improved braking system has plenty of bite without being overly grabby.

2024 BMW 230i Price and Release Date

The base MSRP again for 2024 BMW 230i Coupe is $37,346, which includes the $995 destination fee; however, my tester costs $46,571 due to its extensive list of extras. When compared to larger Audi A5 as well as Lexus RC 350 coupes, that starting price is significantly lower. CLA250, whereby the Germans refer to as a coupe despite having four doors, is indeed the closest competitor.

The 2 Series appeals to me because of its timeless design, fun driving dynamics, and intuitive multimedia features. Although it’s not the most up-to-date vehicle, this is one of the last remaining luxury sport coupes. I applaud BMW for maintaining this market. 2024 BMW 230i Review

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