2025 Lexus RC F Redesign : A Complete Makeover

2025 Lexus RC FThe Lexus RC F has always been known for its sleek design and incredible performance, but the 2025 Lexus RC F takes it to the next level. The new RC F has been completely redesigned with a fresh and modern look. The front grille has been restyled with a more aggressive and sporty design, and the headlights have been updated with a more modern and sleek look. The new RC F also features a lower and wider stance that gives it a more aggressive and sporty appearance.

The updates to the 2025 Lexus RC F are not just cosmetic, though. The car’s chassis has been completely overhauled with a new platform that is lighter and more rigid. This new platform enhances the car’s control and efficiency, making the driving experience even more exhilarating. Both the interior and exterior for an 2025 Lexus RC F have undergone a total redesign.

Redesign and Update Plan

Exterior and Interior

The exterior of the 2025 Lexus RC F is bold and striking, with a redesigned front grille and sleek headlights. The car sits lower and wider than previous models, with a more aggressive stance. The back of the car features a new rear diffuser and quad exhaust system, giving it a sporty and aggressive look from all angles.

2025 Lexus RC F Exterior
2025 Lexus RC F Exterior

Inside, the 2025 Lexus RC F is just as impressive. The car features a new 12.3-inch touchscreen display, which controls the car’s infotainment system. The seats have been redesigned with more supportive bolstering, making them more comfortable during high-performance driving. The car also features a new digital instrument cluster, giving the driver easy access to all the information they need while driving.

Powertrain and Performance

An 5.0-liter V8 engine produces 472 hp and 395 lb-ft in torque in the 2025 Lexus RC F. The engine is coupled to an eight-speed automated transmission, which transfers power to the rear wheels. The car also features a new adaptive suspension system, which adjusts the damping force of the shocks based on the driving conditions. This allows the car to provide a comfortable ride during normal driving, while also improving handling during high-performance driving.

2025 Lexus RC F Engine
2025 Lexus RC F Engine

The new platform of the 2025 Lexus RC F makes it even more agile and responsive than previous models. The car’s lower and wider stance, combined with the updated suspension system, gives it incredible handling and grip through corners. The car also features a new launch control system, which allows the driver to launch the car from a standstill with maximum acceleration.

Features and Trim Levels

The 2025 Lexus RC F is available in two trim levels: the base model and the Track Edition. The base model comes with a host of standard features, including the 12.3-inch touchscreen display, adaptive suspension system, and digital instrument cluster. A number of sophisticated safety features, such as automatic emergency brakes, lane leaving alert, and adaptive cruise controls are also included.

2025 Lexus RC F Interior
2025 Lexus RC F Interior

The Track Edition takes things a step further, with additional performance upgrades like carbon fiber wheels, carbon fiber roof, and a carbon fiber rear wing. The car also features a number of track-focused upgrades, including a titanium exhaust system, Brembo brakes, and a front splitter.

Prices and Release Date

The 2025 Lexus RC F is expected to be released in the fall of 2024. The base model is expected to start at around $70,000, while the Track Edition is expected to start at around $95,000. These prices are subject to change based on the market demand and availability. The 2025 Lexus RC F is expected to compete with the likes of the BMW M4, Audi RS5, and Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe.

In terms of customization options, Lexus offers a variety of packages and standalone options that allow buyers to personalize their RC F. A sunroof, warming and vented front places, heated steering wheel, or carbon fiber interior ornamentation are among the available options. The Track Edition also offers a Carbon Fiber package, which adds carbon fiber roof and hood, as well as a titanium exhaust system.


The 2025 Lexus RC F is a complete makeover from its predecessor, with a fresh and modern design, premium interior, and enhanced performance capabilities. The car’s adaptive suspension, Active Rear Steering, and advanced safety features make it a perfect balance between luxury and performance. The Track Edition takes it a step further, with additional carbon fiber components and an even more track-focused design. The 2025 RC F is expected to hit the market in the fall of 2024, and is sure to attract buyers looking for a premium sports coupe that offers both luxury and performance.

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