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2026 Aston Martin DB12 Specs, Review, Price

2026 Aston Martin DB12 Specs, Review, Price – New developments and improvements are introduced to the automotive sector year, causing it to be continuously developing. The long-awaited DB12, from Aston Martin, is scheduled to make its debut in 2026. It is said to provide a blend of state-of-the-art technology, unrivaled performance, and classic elegance. Discover the 2026 Aston Martin DB12’s design, performance, features, and what makes it unique among premium sports vehicles by taking a closer look at it.

Understanding the tradition that preceded the DB12 is vital before diving into its intricacies. The name Aston Martin has always been associated with the most opulent, refined, and powerful automobiles. Over the years, Aston Martin has produced some of the most exemplary automobiles, from the legendary DB5 to the cutting-edge DB11. This legacy will be carried on by the DB12, which will also have new features that mirror the changing world of automobile engineering.

As far as aesthetics are concerned, this 2026 Aston Martin DB12 looks stunning. You can’t help but gawk at its slender figure as you bend over to get a better look. Be misled by the model name into thinking that Aston crammed a V-12 into it; it provides the horsepower that its eye-catching appearance promises.2026 Aston Martin DB12 Price

Aston claims that the brand new DB12 grand tourer can reach 202 mph thanks to its 671 horsepower, which come from a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8. The inside is just as stunning, featuring a fusion of contemporary design with premium materials and cutting-edge technology. The Coupe may be purchased right now, while the Volante retractable will be available in the near future.

Aston Martin’s latest model, the DB12, is a “Super Tourer” that is long, low, and stylish. It is anticipated that the deliveries would commence in the third trimester of this fiscal year. 2026 Aston Martin DB12 Specs

2026 Aston Martin DB12 Redesign and Update Plan

Exterior & Interior

Beautifully fusing traditional Aston Martin styling cues with cutting-edge details, the 2026 DB12 is sure to turn heads. An air of dynamic grace emanates from its aerodynamic profile, which belies the immense power that lurks beneath. Intricately crafted LED headlights precisely illuminate the road ahead, while the distinctive Aston Martin grille commands attention. Careful shaping of the DB12’s curves and contours improves aerodynamic efficiency and captivates spectators.2026 Aston Martin DB12 Review

Inside the DB12, you’ll find a cabin that’s been painstakingly created with the highest quality materials. The combination of contemporary elements, handmade wood trim, and luxurious leather upholstery creates a sumptuous and driver-focused atmosphere. Incorporating state-of-the-art televisions and driver assistance technology into the car’s interior creates a beautiful symphony of old and new.

When it comes to the outside, the Bentley DB12 looks a little bit like the DB11, but up front, there are a lot of changes, such a big grille & new LED headlights. Above the grille, the DB12 now sports an updated Aston Martin insignia, and its side splitter has also undergone some change.

On the other hand, the space behind an A-pillar is identical to that of the previous one. New Aston Martin logo appears on the back of the vehicle, and the rearview mirrors are narrower. They come with all new 21-inch wheels that are 8 kg smaller than the DB11’s 20-inch wheels. Michelin Pilot 5s tires, which have been custom-made for these wheels, have sounds-cancelling polyurethane foam inserts that, according to the manufacturer, will cut tire noise in the cabin by 20%.2026 Aston Martin DB12 Specs

When it comes to grand touring sports cars, passenger comfort is key. As one would expect from an Aston, the DB12’s interior has a selection of premium materials. From the cushions to the dashboard, nearly every surface is adorned with hand-stitched leather. A vehicle designed for travel must have adequate cargo space. We will update this post after we have tested a DB12 and know for sure how many carry-on bags it can accommodate.

Upon entering the brand redesigned DB12, you will find a luxurious cabin crafted from premium materials like Alcantara and leather, with an emphasis on the driver. The ultra-plush inside has the most recent custom infotainment system from Aston Martin, which includes a Bowers and Wilkins surround speaker system and wireless connection for Apple Carplay or Android Auto. 2026 Aston Martin DB12 Specs

2026 Aston Martin DB12 Specs

Engine & Performance

The 2026 DB12 is the pinnacle of Aston Martin’s dedication to providing thrilling performance. A formidable powerplant releases remarkable powers behind its sculpted hood. The DB12’s performance is outstanding in any situation, whether you’re maneuvering tight turns or ripping down straightaways. On top of that, the DB12’s performance is likely to inspire confidence in a wide range of driving circumstances thanks to the incorporation of cutting-edge driving dynamics technologies.

With its high-output engine, suspension that has been fine-tuned, and sophisticated aerodynamics, the DB12 manages to combine raw power with precise handling in a seamless manner. Aston Martin’s dedication to creating a true driver’s car is on full display as the engine roars and the vehicle accelerates from 0 to sixty-five kilometers per hour in less than a second.
2026 Aston Martin DB12 Redesign
Its DB12 is a speed horse at heart, just like any good grand tourer should be. With 671 horsepower from its twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 under the DB12’s hood, the sports vehicle should be able to reach 60 mph in 3.3 seconds and reach a peak speed of 202 mph. The transmission is an eight-speed automatic with an electronic rear differential.

We drove the DB12 on winding mountain roads in southern France and were really pleased by its balanced handling and powerful V-8 engine. Aston Martin has kept the DB12’s ride pleasant even in aggressive driving mode, all without sacrificing the car’s responsiveness around corners. On the other hand, the throttle response might use some work and doesn’t quite fit the spirit of the car.2026 Aston Martin DB12 Engine

Pursuant to the EPA, the DB12 achieves 14 mpg inside the city and twenty-two mpg on the interstate. Those aren’t fantastic figures, but we were expecting its DB12 to be somewhat fuel-hungry given its 671 horsepower. We will update this report with real-world test findings once we have the opportunity to test drive the DB12 on our 75 mph highway mileage route. The DB12’s fuel economy may be found on the EPA’s website.

One 2026 Aston Martin DB12 is the pinnacle of automobile invention in this age of technological growth. Modern technology improves the vehicle’s overall performance and the quality of the driving experience. With its cutting-edge safety systems and user-friendly connection features, the DB12 improves every part of the driving experience.

Drivers are able to stay fully engaged with their digital lives and the road ahead thanks to the integration of a future infotainment interface. Every ride on the DB12 is thrilling and safe thanks to the extra layer of security provided by clever driver aid technologies.

Aston Martin is cognizant of the fact that there is more to luxury than meets the eye. Because of this, the 2026 DB12 provides a wide variety of personalization choices, so even the most picky customers may make their car unique. Every part of the DB12 may be customized to match the owner’s own taste and character, from the exterior paint job to the inside accents.

Aston Martin’s commitment to provide a special and customized experience for its customers is further demonstrated by the option to build a bespoke automotive masterpiece. The DB12’s personalization possibilities allow its owners to create a press release that is distinctively theirs, whether they are going for a classic, modest look or a more striking, striking presence. 2026 Aston Martin DB12 Specs

2026 Aston Martin DB12 Safety Features

The DB12 is the first vehicle from the marque to have an in-house infotainment system. With the 10.3-inch infotainment screen in the middle, you can enjoy wireless features like Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay. A Bowers & Wilkins audio system with fifteen speakers is an option in addition to the eleven speakers that come standard.

The DB12 is equipped with a plethora of driver-assistance features, which is sure to please any enthusiast. The DB12’s crash test results can be found on the websites of the IIHS and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Important safety measures consist of:

  • Standard automated emergency braking
  • Automatic high-beam headlamps
  • Standard lane-departure warning with lane-keeping assist
  • Standard adaptive cruise control

2026 Aston Martin DB12 Release Date & Price

There are currently no trim levels available for the DB12. The car comes with all the bells and whistles, thanks to its high price tag, but there are a few cosmetic features you may add as options to make it fit your unique taste.

Trims Price
Volante $270,001 (est)


Professional 2026 Aston Martin DB12 is the pinnacle of the British luxury carmaker’s illustrious history, cutting-edge engineering, and unwavering commitment to the sport. The DB12 is a demonstration of automotive brilliance in every respect, from its mesmerizing appearance to its thrilling performance and innovative technology.

People are getting more and more excited about the launch of this magnificent masterpiece, which promises an experience in a car that goes beyond just getting from point A to point B. Spectators and enthusiasts will be enchanted by the anticipated 2026 Aston Martin DB12, which will redefine the current premium sports vehicle. 2026 Aston Martin DB12 Specs

Note: The details included in this blog post are derived from pre-release material that was accessible when the article was written. If you want the latest information, you should check official sources or call your nearest dealership.

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