2026 Bentley Flying Spur Specs, Price, Release Date

2026 Bentley Flying Spur Specs, Price, Release Date – That 2026 Bentley Flying Spur is going to take us on an incredible journey. Every facet of this premium sedan will be examined, from its exquisite appearance to its potent performance and state-of-the-art electronics. Whether you’re a vehicle enthusiast or simply appreciate the finest things in life, we invite you to come and discover the 2026 Bentley Flying Spur and its unique features.

His 2026 Bentley Flying Spur represents the pinnacle of high-end performance and luxury automobiles. This premium vehicle redefines the category with its sophisticated exterior, plush cabin, and powerful engine. As soon as you set eyes toward the Flying Spur, you can’t help but notice the distinctive Bentley air of sophistication and status it conveys.

Despite most buyers wanting to take it easy while driving the 2026 Bentley Flying Spur, this expensive car is entertaining to drive. When the weather is right, the Flying Spur handles twisty roads without compromising its comfortable cruise. The plug-in combination V-6 powertrain gave us 35 miles more all-electric range, although most models have twin-turbo V-8 and defendants-12 gas engines.
2026 Bentley Flaying Spur Specs
Leather, trees, and metal are among the eye-catching elements within. Some models offer optional massage rear bucket seats. sadly the Flying Spur’s high price limits its availability to the wealthy. If you fall into that tax bracket, then the Flying Spur serves as the undisputed agility, comfort, and beauty champion.

This year, Bentley subtly introduced a new trim level that sits below the Azure. Several design cues, such as the waterfall grille, are carried over to the new A trim from that model.

All 2026 Flying Spur versions get wool floor mats and upgraded carpeting produced from recycled nylon, while the S and Speed variants get a mesh grille redesign. A new dark gray front trim is available on the Speed variant, further distinguishing it from all in the Flying Spur family. 2026 Bentley Flying Spur Specs

2026 Bentley Flying Spur Redesign and Update Plan

Exterior & Interior

That 2026 Bentley Flying Spur incorporates the same painstaking attention to detail seen in all of Bentley’s other designs. A striking sight on the road, the exterior expertly combines classic good looks with modern refinement. You can’t miss it because to its unique haunches, famous matrix grille, and eye-catching LED matrix headlights.

Entering the Flying Spur is like stepping into a realm of unmatched opulence. The cabin has an air of opulence and warmth thanks to the premium handmade leather upholstery, beautiful wood veneers, and carefully made metal embellishments. From the shiny chrome accents to the meticulously stitched seats, every part of the inside displays the meticulous attention to detail.2026 Bentley Flying Spur Price

A combination of premium leather and wood upholstery and environmentally friendly microfibre material (with 73% recycled content) makes up the bulk of the cabin’s construction. Whenever the driver opts to conceal the screen within the dashboard, the top-tier mechanical clock system remains prominently displayed in the center of the instrument panel.

In addition to being a technological powerhouse, this 2026 Bentley Flying Spur serves as a paragon of opulence and speed. The Flying Spur has cutting-edge technology and innovative driver assistance features to make driving more enjoyable.2026 Bentley Flying Spur Interior

The Bentley Rotate Display is the showpiece of the technical ensemble; it can switch between an LCD touchscreen, three analogue dials, and a sleek veneer fascia with the press of a button. The dedication of Bentley to combining tradition with innovation is exemplified by this combination of conventional workmanship and contemporary technology.

Inside the Flying Spur, you’ll find real metal details, real wood trim, and luxurious leather. There is plenty of room for adults to spread out and enjoy the plush atmosphere in either the front or rear. Bentley’s interior designers have skillfully combined the brand’s classic good looks with cutting-edge technological amenities.

The driver doesn’t even have to touch the screen to make some modifications; a touchscreen located on the back of the control panel does the trick. The rear-seat massagers, interior climate control, and window blinds are just a few examples of what it can accomplish. Plus, there’s enough of space in the trunk for your bags, bottles of wine, or a whole day’s worth of last-minute Rodeo Drive shopping.
2026 Bentley Flying Spur Redesign
The Flying Spur’s dashboard has a large 12.3-inch infotainment touchscreen with walnut accents. Bentley charges extra for a spinny infotainment screen that displays a wood panel with two analog devices (an outside-temperature gauge, a clock, and a compass).

Those riding shotgun may take advantage of the Spur’s Wi-Fi hotspot and Apple CarPlay connectivity on their compatible smartphones. Bentley comes with a 10-speaker radio system as standard, but you can upgrade to two more luxury systems if you like. An optional upgrade to a 19-speaker Sennheiser system with lighted grilles or a 16-writer Bang & Olufsen speakers arrangement is available to buyers. 2026 Bentley Flying Spur Specs

2026 Bentley Flying Spur Specs

Engine & Performance

Subtle refinement belies a performance behemoth in this 2026 Bentley Flying Spur. The Flying Spur’s powerful engines, such as the twin-turbocharged W12 that provides thrilling acceleration and smooth power delivery, are its beating heart. The end result is a level of comfort and performance that is hard to beat when behind the wheel.

The Flying Spur’s deft handling and pinpoint steering belie its massive stature. The Flying Spur keeps its cool and provides an entertaining and sophisticated driving experience whether you’re cruising through town or out on the open road.
2026 Bentley Flying Spur Release Date
An eight-speed dual-clutch manual gearbox, all-wheel drive, and a robust twin-turbocharged engine are standard features on every Flying Spur. Although a 542-horsepower V-8 is standard, the 626-horsepower W-12 is available solely on the Speed trim level, so we recommend going that route if you can.

The Flying Spur has a plenty of power thanks to its twelve cylinder engine. A lot of high-end sports vehicles can see its taillights when it’s engaged a drag race. Our test track time was 3.5 seconds from zero to sixty miles per hour. The W-12 is somewhat speedier to 100 mph plus through the quarter-mile, but the V-8-powered car achieved a 3.5-second zero-to-60-mph run.

Another alternative is a hybrid powertrain that combines an electric motor with a twin-turbo 2.9-gallons V-6 to produce 536 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. Although it was slower than the quicker V-8 and W-12 cars, the PHEV managed to achieve sixty miles per hour in 3.9 seconds at the testing circuit.

We were pleasantly surprised by how sporty the Flying Spur drove on our short ride near Monaco. The adjustable suspension and rear-wheel steering system of the sedan assist with this. In Michigan, where we were born and raised, the Flying Spur lived up to its previous promise of providing welcome relief from the wreckage of our earlier journey.

The Flying Spur’s EPA fuel efficiency figures are more in line with a pickup truck’s than a sedan’s, coming in at 12 city mpg and 19 highway mpg with the W-12 engine. Fuel economy statistics for the V-8 powered version are 15 mpg town and 20 mpg highway. The Flying Spur’s chief rival, the Rolls-Royce Ghost, isn’t much better when it comes to gas mileage either.

The combined fuel economy and anticipated EV range of the plug-in hybrid Flying Spur are 19 and 21 miles, respectively. Our tests showed that the plug-in hybrid design could go 35 miles on the highway without using the gas engine, which is much more than its predicted electric driving range. The Flying Spur’s fuel economy may be found on the EPA’s website. 2026 Bentley Flying Spur Specs

2026 Bentley Flying Spur Safety Features

Bentley offers a number of driver-assistance systems, however many of them are priced extra. You may get more information on the Flying Spur’s crash test results on the websites of the IIHS and NWTSA. Important safety measures consist of:

  • Standard forward-collision warning
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Optional automated emergency braking
  • Optional adaptive cruise control and night vision

For 2026 Flying Spur is a Bentley, so naturally it has every amenity imaginable. Every passenger is enveloped in opulence with features like four-zone automatic temperature control, heated, vented, and massaging seats. Every trip will be a delight for the drivers among us thanks to the comfortable layout and user-friendly controls.

Guests may elevate their experience even further with the optional Naim for Bentley music system, which creates an immersive soundscape similar to that of a concert hall. With the Flying Spur, every journey becomes a luxurious getaway, whether you’re taking a cross-country adventure or just zipping about town. 2026 Bentley Flying Spur Specs

2026 Bentley Flying Spur Release Date & Price

Bentley knows that its most discriminating clients want an expression of luxury that is uniquely theirs, not simply another vehicle. With the 2026 Flying Spur, customers may personalize every detail to their liking thanks to the wide range of available customization choices. Personalized touches abound, from one-of-a-kind interior accents to custom paint hues.

We think it’s a no-brainer to jump from the hybrid and V-8 trim levels to the Speed model, which gets you access to the W-12 engine with 626 horsepower. When buying a Flying Spur, customers have the option to select from a number of carefully picked themes, like Storm Noir, Alter Ego, Cool Harmony, and more.

However, if you really want your Spur to stand out, we recommend going with a totally personalized build. You may personalize your Bentley Mulliner with an almost infinite number of outer colors and design options. The same holds true for the interior fittings, which can feature a variety of woods, leathers, and polished metal details. 2026 Bentley Flying Spur Specs

Trims Price
Hybrid $224,351
A V-8 $232,251
A Hybrid $238,951
S Hybrid $250,851
S V-8 $251,551
Azure Hybrid $259,751
Azure V-8 $260,951
Speed $269,651
Speed Edition 12 $303,351
Mulliner Hybrid $309,451
Mulliner V-8 $311,351
Mulliner W-12 $327,851


The 2026 Flying Spur is an example of the engineering genius, creativity, and workmanship that Bentley is known for. The Flying Spur redefines the standard for luxury sedans with its mesmerizing design, thrilling performance, and unwavering luxury. It captures Bentley’s ultimate goal for the next decade of motoring—an exhilarating and sophisticated experience—through its seamless integration of heritage and innovation.

Note: The details included in this blog post are derived from pre-release material that was accessible when the article was written. If you want the latest information, you should check official sources or call your nearest dealership.

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