2026 Ferrari Roma Specs, Price, Release Date

2026 Ferrari Roma Specs, Price, Release Date – Here we’ll take a close look at a 2026 Ferrari Roma, dissecting its features, specs, engine, and suspension to provide you the best ride and handling money can buy. What makes this high-end sports vehicle unique, from its aerodynamic design to its wealthy engine, will be revealed. Whether you’re a seasoned motorhead or just curious in the realm of high-performance cars, come along as we explore what makes a 2026 Ferrari Roma tick.

In keeping with Ferrari’s legendary past, the 2026 Roma embraces cutting-edge automotive technology while paying respect to the brand’s illustrious history. Decades of racing heritage and dogged pursuit of perfection are reflected in the car’s design characteristics and performance characteristics. It exemplifies Ferrari’s steadfast dedication to expanding the limits of what is achievable in the realm of high-performance vehicles with its seamless integration of heritage and innovation.

A perfect synthesis of classic good looks and state-of-the-art engineering characterizes the 2026 Ferrari Roma. The Roma, the newest member of Ferrari’s legendary sports car series, personifies the company’s steadfast dedication to performance and innovation. As a result of its breathtaking good looks and thrilling performance, the Roma is proof of Ferrari’s dogged quest for automotive perfection.

The Roma follows in the footsteps of the now-defunct GTC4Lusso T as Ferrari’s second front-engine coupe powered by a V-8. It puts an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission with automatic mode and a 612 horsepower twin-turbo V-8 to good use. Its redline is 7500 rpm, and the powertrain continues to scream at that point. A virtually entirely digital interface is installed in the cabin, accessible from the driver’s seat. It seems surprisingly roomy inside the Roma, even though the back seats are more for show than function. With its hundreds of graceful horses, this Ferrari, which costs quarter of a million dollars, will make you feel queasy.

In the 2026 Roma, Ferrari introduces a new detachable Spider model with a cloth top. According to the manufacturer, the droptop only adds 185 kilos to the coupe and can be raised or lowered in 13.5 seconds while traveling at speeds of up to 37 mph. 2026 Ferrari Roma Specs

2026 Ferrari Roma Redesign and Update Plan

Exterior & Interior

The eye-catching design language of a 2026 Ferrari Roma is immediately striking. The aerodynamic and low-profile design takes design cues from vintage grand tourers while adding contemporary touches, creating an air of refined elegance. Every part of the Roma’s design, starting with the molded lines to the distinctive grille, showcases a flawless combination of beauty and engineering. The convertible top may be easily deployed with the push of a button, adding to the car’s appealing features. The inside is a paragon of luxury, with first-rate materials and expert assembly taking the ride to a whole new level.2026 Ferrari Roma Dimensions

Aesthetically, the Ferrari Roma 2026 is characterized by clean, simple lines that exude timeless sophistication. Still, despite being a fantastic sports vehicle, the distinctive features of Ferrari’s soft-top convertible supercar have not been altered. An internal grille embellished with rectangular boxes coloured the same color as the automobile adorns the front of the Ferrari Roma. A huge air vent in the middle of the supercar is easily identifiable in the radiator grille assembly thanks to its black-painted outside mesh. The front bumper, which is sturdy and painted black, blends in seamlessly with the car’s air vent.

One distinctive feature of the Ferrari Roma is its bright LED headlights, which include distinctive designs and are complemented by an etched block on the hood. This combination gives the lights a more three-dimensional appearance, adding to the car’s allure. Regarding the exterior, while the Ferrari Roma shares many design cues with the Coupe that is now available, the car’s distinctive soft-top roof serves as the show-stopper.
2026 Ferrari Roma Interior
The Ferrari Roma is 84 kg heavier than the Roma coupe due to its stronger body construction. The fabric top of a Ferrari Roma can be opened and closed in 13.5 seconds at 60 km/h, according to factory figures.

Motorized adjustable/folding mirrors that are integrated turn signals, door handles that match the color of the car—all of these are features of the Ferrari Roma. In order to minimize wind resistance while traveling at high speeds, contemporary automobiles include door handles that blend in with the body.

The 20-inch wheels of the Ferrari Roma Spider are shiny silver and have five double-spokes arranged in a five-pointed star pattern with a large Ferrari emblem centered on each wheel. Notable features include a front disc brake measuring 390 mm and a rear disc measuring 360 mm, as well as tires measuring 245/35ZR20 up front and 285/35ZR20 in the back.

The Ferrari Roma Spider’s rear end features two sets of taillights that are both visually striking and functionally innovative. The supercar’s immense power is shown by its massive black back bumper, which is flanked by twin exhaust pipes on either side.
2026 Ferrari Roma Release Date
Interiorly, the 2026 Ferrari Roma keeps the same design language as the coupe, with an emphasis on the driver’s seat. The steering wheel of a Ferrari Roma is adorned with a premium leather wrap, a plethora of user-friendly control buttons, and a striking yellow logo accent. The vehicle’s running characteristics are shown in detail on the conspicuous 16-inch electronic clock cluster located behind the steering wheel.

The 8.4-inch vertical digital entertainment screen is located in the middle of the Ferrari Roma’s dashboard. An additional standout feature is the 8.8-inch optional display screen located in the passenger seat, which shows operational knowledge about navigation, cooling adjustment, and the audio/video system.

Similar to the layout of an airplane’s cockpit, the vehicle’s control platform features a contemporary lever and many buttons that may be touched to operate various functions. Not only that, but the driver’s and passenger seats are separated by this central pedestal.

Passengers will experience unparalleled comfort in the Ferrari Roma’s contoured, high-quality leather seats. The most unique feature is the possibility for 18-way electrically adjustable sports seats with neck heating.

There are two available seats in the back of the Ferrari Roma, although there isn’t a lot of room for legs. Nevertheless, a specialized wind deflector is built into the rear of the back seats in order to ensure the comfort of passengers even when the top is down.2026 Ferrari Roma Price

The 2026 Ferrari Roma is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology that includes cutting-edge innovations that improve comfort and performance. Without sacrificing its essential character as a driver’s car, the Roma promotes innovation with cutting-edge driver-assistance technologies and user-friendly multimedia features. A plethora of information and capabilities are placed at the driver’s fingertips in the cockpit, which is ornamented with electronic displays and easy controls. In addition, the Roma stays ahead of the curve when it comes to automotive technology thanks to its unique networking choices.

The Roma may have the famous Prancing Horse insignia on its side, but it’s really more of a show horse than a dedicated racer. This means it has additional connection and entertainment options for passengers compared to other Ferrari models. Two touchscreens, one for the driver and one for the front passenger, measure 8.4 inches and are positioned vertically. 2026 Ferrari Roma Specs

2026 Ferrari Roma Specs

Engine & Performance

The 2026 Ferrari Roma’s powerful engine is a testament to the company’s history of racing. A turbocharger V8 engine provides the Roma’s thunderous soundtrack of power and accuracy. The Roma provides the kind of exhilarating ride quality that has come to be associated with Ferrari, thanks to its lightning-fast acceleration and pinpoint handling. The car’s remarkable performance is a result of cutting-edge aerodynamics and engineering, guaranteeing an exciting ride every time.2026 Ferrari Roma Specs

The Roma’s long hood conceals an accelerated 3.9-liter V-8 engine that generates 561 pound-feet of performance and 612 horsepower. The even more luxurious Ferrari SF90 Stradale was the first vehicle to use an eight-speed dual-clutch automated gearbox (DCT).

The Roma has been available for us to drive, but we haven’t got the chance to put it through its paces on the track just yet. Whatever the case may be, we learned on our drive that this Ferrari is equally at home cruising leisurely or racing around turns. Turning the driving mode lever to Sport or Race causes the high-revving V-8 to emit magnificent noises, and the DCT swiftly adjusts to requests for fast gear changes. Even though it didn’t need much effort to steer, we liked how precise and straight the helm was.

Despite its sporty facade and powerful engine, the Roma isn’t trying to mislead anybody about its fuel efficiency. The coupe has an EPA gas mileage rating of 17 city and 22 highway. But until we can put it through its paces on this 75-mph highway fuel-economy route—a component of our rigorous testing regimen—we will not be able to assess its real-world mpg. The EPA has further details regarding the Roma’s fuel efficiency on their website. 2026 Ferrari Roma Specs

2026 Ferrari Roma Safety Features

The Roma has several sophisticated helps, which is unusual for ultra-pricey sports vehicles when it comes to driver-assistance technology. See the NHTSA and IIHS websites for additional details regarding the Roma’s crash test results. Important security measures comprise:

  • Available lane-departure warning
  • Available adaptive cruise control
  • Available blind-spot monitoring
  • Rear cross-traffic alert

2026 Ferrari Roma Release Date & Price

It’s primarily just browsing windows, but if we had the good fortune to possess a Roma, we’d keep the coupe and give it a coat of Verde British green in color, a historically accurate hue. We like the darker matt Grigio Corsa wheels, which pair well with the correspondingly dark paint, out of the six available wheel selections. The inside color selections are practically endless, with Italian Ferrari leather trim and single-color or two-tone patterns to choose from. Nero black stands out as being very corporate, but other from that, there isn’t a bad option.

The ability to tailor every facet of a Ferrari to the owner’s tastes is a defining feature of Ferrari ownership. The 2026 Roma gives customers a lot of leeway to express their individuality with personalization choices. Each Roma is a unique reflection of its owner’s personality thanks to Ferrari’s customisation program, which allows for individual paint colors and luxury interior embellishments. This adds to the car’s uniqueness and charm. 2026 Ferrari Roma Specs

Trims Price
Spider $277,971


Ultimate 2026 Ferrari Roma is the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship and design. It goes beyond just getting from point A to point B because to its mesmerizing design, thrilling performance, and clever use of technology. The Roma exemplifies Ferrari’s unwavering dedication to innovation and perfection, as the company pushes the boundaries of high-performance sports automobiles.

Note: The details included in this blog post are derived from pre-release material that was accessible when the article was written. If you want the latest information, you should check official sources or call your nearest dealership.

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