2026 Lexus RZ EV Redesign, Specs, Release Date

2026 Lexus RZ EV Redesign, Specs, Release Date – This first-gen 2026 Lexus RZ was introduced as part of the 2024 version year as Lexus’s first all-electric SUV. This Lexus model is completely new. Along with the Subaru Solterra as well as the Toyota bZ4X, the forthcoming Lexus RZ EV is built on the same platform.

An elegant and roomy cabin, enhanced by additional storage space behind its second row, complements the latest Lexus RZ EV’s striking and modern exterior appearance. in addition, the new EV comes with an impressive 308 horsepower from its electric motor.

2026 Lexus RZ EV Redesign

additionally, Lexus asserted that it will deliver the top performance. For instance, Lexus RZ EV reportedly has a 0-60 MPH time of 5.0 seconds. Having said that, the recently released Lexus RZ EV only has a 220 mile battery range, which might be improved. as well as competing products that provide DC Fast charging.

Reading this post in its entirety is essential if you are interested in learning all there is to know regarding the brand-new Lexus RZ EV. This piece of writing will provide us with all the information you need. instance, we are going to be aware that we will find out much more regarding the 2026 designs year’s updates, availability, pricing, and features.

2026 Lexus RZ EV Redesign and Update Plan

Exterior & Interior

additionally, Lexus asserted that its model would deliver the top performance. For instance, Lexus RZ EV reportedly has a 0-60 MPH time of 5.0 seconds. Having said that, the Lexus RZ EV only has a 220-mile range, which might be improved. as well as competing products that provide DC Fast charging.

2026 Lexus RZ EV Release Date

The latest Lexus RZ EV has the most elegant and understated cabin design. A number of controls as well as buttons have been eliminated from the Lexus cockpit including doors. however, those features have been moved by Lexus to the newest entertainment system.

On top of that, being a crossover SUV, the latest Lexus RZ EV has a roomier and more opulent cabin than its competitors. In addition, Lexus RZ EV has ample legroom as well as back seats, allowing everybody can sit comfortably inside. thus, the all-new Lexus RZ has a decent cabin.

2026 Lexus RZ EV Interior

The inside of the RZ looks a lot like new RX or NX, which is noticeable the moment you step inside. Nonetheless, the RZ forgoes the use of wood grain plus leather in favor of materials that are better for the environment. The assessment vehicle we were given had an extra ultrasuede interior that covered the seats plus a portion of the door panel. Exuding an air of opulence, it is extraordinarily pleasant to the touch.

It has ample passenger capacity as well as additional baggage space behind the 2nd-row seats, allowing you to effortlessly accommodate all of your luggage, even suitcases. As an illustration, it has a trunk that can hold 34.8 cubic ft of cargo room behind. PLUS, its rear chairs fold flat, so you can quickly make more room in the trunk for all your travel necessities.

2026 Lexus RZ EV Price

Commonplace in today’s vehicles and SUVs, this 2024 Lexus RZ450e comes standard with entertainment and connection amenities. A large 14″ screen display, with capabilities like cloud mapping as well as auto connect functionality, is just one of its remarkable features.

2026 Lexus RZ EV Specs

2026 Lexus RZ EV Specs

Engine & Performance

Lexus has dubbed the RZ450e’s completely electric drivetrain Direct4. This setup comes equipped with AWD and offers a twin motor that generates a total of 308 horses. Although it has respectable acceleration, the test ride revealed that it falls short of rivals like the Jaguar I-Pace as well as the C40 Recharge in terms of jaw-dropping performance.

It’s impressive that Lexus claims the new RZ can reach sixty miles per hour within just 5.0 secs. and results of the driver and vehicle tests show that the identical speed needs 4.8 seconds. Therefore, it is the ideal tempo for this, as stated by Lexus. thus, the forthcoming Lexus RZ 2026 is expected to deliver a solid performance overall. 2026 Lexus RZ EV Redesign

2026 Lexus RZ EV Engine

An impressive electric distance of up to 220 miles can be achieved on just one full charge with the currently existing Lexus RZ, thanks to its strong lithium-ion batteries 71.4 kWh battery system. With 20″ wheels, that range decreases to 196 miles. Therefore, we believe that its electrical range has room for improvement.

First, the latest Lexus RZ Ev has a 120V level one charging connection. Second, it supports 240 volt AC charging, making it great for your residence or public stations. Finally, it is compatible with DC Quick charging, so you can charge it at public platforms. You can get from zero to eighty percent charge in thirty minutes using DC fast chargers. You are able to charge it to provide 25 miles of range every hour using a 240V public or just home charger.

2026 Lexus RZ EV Dimensions

Length 189 inch
Width 74.6 inch
Height 64.4 inch
Wheelbase 112.2 inch
Curb-weight 4650 lb
Leg-Room 42.1 / 37.5 inch
Head-Room 39.9 / 39.7 inch
Shoulder-Room 56.9 / 54.3 inch
Hip-Room 54.7 / 51.8 inch
Passenger Volume 94 cu. ft.
Cargo volume 26 cu. ft.

2026 Lexus RZ EV Cargo Space

2026 Lexus RZ EV Fuel Economy

Through the standard 18″ wheels, the RZ450e achieves better fuel efficiency according to the EPA, at 115 MPGe in the town as well as 98 MPGe on the freeway. City fuel economy drops to 102 MPGe as well as highway fuel economy drops to 87 MPGe when the additional 20s are added. Our investigation route for highway fuel economy at 75 mph obtained 68 MPGe. Check out the EPA’s webpage for additional information regarding the RZ’s fuel efficiency.

2026 Lexus RZ EV Safety Features

Improved and expanded safety measures are included on the 2024 Lexus RZ EV. This leads us to believe that the upcoming 2026 Lexus RZ EV is going to keep the current standard of safety. The Lexus RZ EV is equipped with the latest safety technologies, including the Lexus Safety System +3.0, available as standard on all models. 2026 Lexus RZ EV Redesign

  • Pedestrian Detection
  • Smart High Beams
  • Road Sign Support,
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • All-speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

2026 Lexus RZ EV Colors

This 2026 Lexus RZ EV’s external color scheme has not yet been announced by Lexus. However, the following is a list of the 7 outer colors as well as three inside colors available for the 2024 version of the Lexus RZ EC:

  • Black Onyx
  • Eminent White Pearl
  • Black Onyx
  • Cloudburst Gray
  • Ether
  • Iridium
  • Cloudburst Gray
  • Caviar

2026 Lexus RZ EV Pros & Cons


  • A quiet & pleasant journey
  • Roomy cabin with increased storage capacity
  • Roomy Cabin for the Whole Family


  • Long charging time compared to other competitors
  • The range Might perform better

2026 Lexus RZ EV Release Date & Price

Lexus has been mum on the subject of the upcoming RZ EV and its availability for purchase regarding the 2026 production year thus far. because of this, we are unable to give you a specific release date concerning the Lexus RZ EV. Nevertheless, we are of the belief that it might hit the market in the autumn of 2025 for the upcoming 2026 design year. Nonetheless, we will promptly provide an update in this page whenever it becomes accessible to purchase for the 2026 design year.

There are two trim levels available for the 2024 Lexus RZ: its RZ 450e Premium AWD along with the RZ 450e Luxury AWD. The base price is $59,651 and the top-tier model costs $65,151. therefore we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the upcoming Lexus RZ will retain the same trim levels as the 2024 generation year, but with a somewhat higher price tag. According on the 2024 model, we determined the pricing for the 2026 version. 2026 Lexus RZ EV Redesign

Trims Price (Est.)
Lexus RZ 450e Premium AWD $60,000
Lexus RZ 450e Luxury AWD $66,000


We have learned about the upcoming Lexus RZ EV in this piece of content. For example, this article will go over the following topics: 2026 Lexus RZ EV: a review, new features, pricing plus trims, interior style, engine, horsepower, performance, range, time to charge, battery life, safety features, specs, as well as multimedia and connectivity. We wish you a lot of fun with this content. If that’s the case, you absolutely have to tell your loved ones about it. 2026 Lexus RZ EV Redesign

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