Michelin Tire Review

Michelin Agilis Tire Review & Rating

Michelin Agilis Tire Review & RatingThis Michelin Agilis was its summer tire that provides excellent grip for dry weather, quiet operation, other a comfortable ride for trucks, vans, or other industrial cars.

This tires’ distinctive tread style, made possible by this tires’ Durable Security Compound, increases resilience, decreases the impact from wear, offers excellent grip for dry and wet conditions.

Michelin Agilis Tire Review & Rating

This additional layer safeguarding for this tires gets offered by the sidewalls curb safeguard, which also enhances durability. Michelin Agilis tires have a tread pattern that works effectively across all weather, but they come grinding halt when its road condition becomes wet.

Michelin Agilis Tire Review
Michelin Agilis Tire Review

These tires come in widths ranging from 14 to 16 inch and include some Durable Contact Patch which serves to provide a more uniform tire footprint. These leads with reduced fuel use, less noise, plus overall greater convenience while traveling long distance.

In addition, this tire’s durability along with lifespan are guaranteed by with 4-5,000 mile warranty that is Q- alongside R-speed approved. Michelin Agilis Tire Review

Michelin Agilis Tire Pros & Cons


  • Reliably muffles traffic noise
  • Streamlined and ground-breaking inventions
  • Resilient and enduring


  • Perfect only in perfect weather

Final Thoughts

That Michelin Agilis offer this best tires during its money if you drive any truck, van, along with pickup vehicle long lengths.

Many drivers report this gain over 1 with 1.5 mpg with gas mileage when utilizing these tires, along with offer two essential qualities with some truck tire: high pleasure alongside moderate road noise. This revolutionary Michelin tread offers precise steering along with handling, along with give excellent grip across dry and wet roadways. However, someone is intended only during use during this summer during favorable driving situations. Michelin Agilis Tire Review

Any 45,000-mile warranties alongside this assurance which you can expect reliability across a prolonged period duration are this foundations for acceptable tread life alongside best Michelin tires.

Tire Sizes


  • 175-65R14C 90T BSW


  • 215-70R15C 109S BSW
  • 225-70R15C 112S BSW
  • 195-70R15C 104R BSW
  • 205-65R15C 102T BSW


  • 205-65R16C 107T BSW
  • 225-75R16C 118R BSW
  • 215-75R16C 113R BSW

Michelin Agilis Tire Price

Michelin Agilis costs start at around $161 alongside go higher about there. By occasions, you might even come across rebates, sales, coupons, along with special deals by that tire. Michelin Agilis Tire Review

Michelin Agilis Tire Warranty

For versions certified that Q and R speeds, Michelin offers a tread guarantee that lasts for 6 years for 45,000 miles. Changing this rear tire size to match those front will halve mileage. They ensure tire homogeneity after one year, regardless with this first 2/32 inches about wear, whichever comes first.

After this first year with its first 2/32 inches with wear, you can get an inexpensive replacement as part within the 6-year warranty on components while craftsmanship. During any extra duration or until the last 2/32 inches about tread depth, some proportional sum is provided. This 30-day money-back warranty with a flat-changing services that lasts three years are also part this package.

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