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Toyo Versado CUV Review & Rating

Toyo Versado CUV Review & RatingFor crossovers, there exists this Versado CUV, its high-end performance tire that is suitable for all seasons. According to the particular requirements of this crossover, this model gives a very soft and silent ride besides to improved control plus safety. Toyo Tires’ Versado CUV boasts its greatest fuel-efficient SUV model to date, thanks to their innovative minimal rolling-resistance composition.

Toyo Versado CUV Review
Toyo Versado CUV Review

Toyo Versado CUV Features

  • In order to minimize uneven wear, an asymmetrical tread design is used, which allows for cross rotation.
  • Revolutionary silica tread composition that resists wear.
  • Make sure water drains better by opening slots on the side.
  • Shoulder eliminates with multi-wave siping.

Toyo Versado CUV Sizes

Size Overall Diameter Run Flat? Rolls with Minimal Resistance?
225-70 R16 107S 721mm
225-70 R16 107S 721mm YES
215-60 R17 96H 690mm YES
215-70 R17 101H 733mm
215-70 R17 101H 733mm YES
225-60 R17 99H 702mm YES
225-65 R17 102H 724mm YES
235-60 R17 102T 714mm
235-60 R17 102T 714mm YES
235-65 R17 108V 737mm YES
235-65 R17 108V 737mm
215-55 R18 99V 694mm YES
225-55 R18 98V 705mm YES
235-50 R18 97V 692mm
235-50 R18 97V 692mm YES
235-60 R18 107V 739mm YES
235-65 R18 106T 763mm YES
235-65 R18 106T 763mm
245-60 R18 105H 751mm
245-60 R18 105H 751mm YES
255-55 R18 109V 738mm
255-55 R18 109V 738mm YES
235-55 R19 105V 741mm YES
245-55 R19 103T 752mm YES
255-50 R19 107V 738mm YES
245-50 R20 102V 753mm YES
245-50 R20 102V 753mm
265-50 R20 107V 773mm

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