2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Colors, Dimensions, Engine

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Colors, Dimensions, Engine – For Subaru fans who were around when its Outback was the Legacy wagon’s slightly rougher, higher cousin, this is a nostalgic moment. In the United States, you can no longer purchase a Legacy wagon nearly two decades later. The Outback murdered its father with the popularity of its own success. It’s time for a new king of Subaru wagons to seize the throne, and this time it’s a higher one. Even though it stands 0.8 inches higher than its counterparts, this Subaru Outback Wilderness has the rough looks, movements, and amenities that make it a serious contender, even if you never traverse a trail rockier than the one to the shops. Subaru Outback Wilderness

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Changes

Exterior Design

That look, what can I say about it? When compared towards its Outback predecessor, the Wilderness is clearly distinct, but the visual alterations extend beyond the lift itself. The additional body armor complements the aggressive styling of the six-spoke wheels and hefty Yokohama Geolandar all-terrain tires, as do the simple but striking six-spoke wheels. My test vehicle’s crystal clear pearl color is wonderful for displaying off the mud, but I’m also a big lover of a hero geyser blue hue, which goes well with the black plastic.

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Exterior
2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Exterior

What I don’t like about the copper accents is that they come in a mustard-colored anodized finish, and they’re scattered all over the place! Towing points and tie-down points? Then I’m all ears. However, the steering wheel, shifter, and door card badges are a little too much for my taste.

Interior Design

On the inside, StarTex cloth has been used to trim the inside. With a neoprene-like texture and a cool waffle pattern, this water-repellent fabric not only looks great but also feels tough as nails. Even though I didn’t get the car’s interior as filthy as the one you see above (it was a loaner), it appeared to be more than capable of handling the normal Subaru lifestyle, mud-covered Labrador claws and all.

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Interior
2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Interior

What isn’t so exciting? Let’s start with Subaru’s infotainment system. The 11.6-inch touchscreen makes Starlink look even more out-of-date than it already does. Even while this is somewhat mitigated by the use of Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay, it remains true. The Wilderness’s lone option package includes embedded GPS as well as a power sunroof plus rear automatic braking for $1,845 more.

On the other hand, Subaru’s active safety system is standard. Adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist with focusing, automatic emergency braking, and other technologies are still included in the EyeSight system. In general, it works okay, but it constantly beeps at you whenever it spots and loses track of a vehicle in front of you. It works, but it’s a pain in the ass.

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Engine

So, what exactly has changed? It’s all about the lift. The Wilderness Outback has a generous ground clearance of 9.5 inches. The clearance of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, as noted by my friend Steven Laing in the Wilderness first drive, is a good comparison. There is little doubt about the object’s position.

My expectations for how this will alter the driving experience were higher. As a result of the Outback Wilderness’s ruggedized bodywork and wide stance, I expected it to be either extremely stiff or overly roly-poly, causing its side-view mirrors to scrape against the tarmac at every turn. To my pleasant surprise, I was proven incorrect.

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Engine
2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Engine

A more cushy version of the Outback, the Wilderness takes potholes, snow heaves, railroad crossings, and everything else I can throw at it with no problem. Despite this, it retains the Legacy’s responsiveness and quick turn-in. The greater roll-center only begins to play a role in lengthy, high-speed turns, but it’s still a modest factor. Simply put, the Wilderness is a fantastic all-around vehicle.

A slim skidplate, as well as a recalibrated X-Mode system, enhance the Wilderness’ off-road capabilities. For the Wilderness, Subaru uses the term “Terrain Focused Stability and Driving Mode Technology” to refer to its terrain-focused stabilization & drive mode system.

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Release Date and Price

The Volvo costs $55,995 in total, including the $1,095 destination fee. That $1,845 moonroof package just on Outback Wilderness we see above cost an additional $1,125 in destination fees on top of the base price of $39,965. Even for the small Volvo V60 Cross Country, with a starting price of $46,545, is more expensive. A comparable Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk with the same options costs $43,305 after destination fees of $1,495 in the US, but there aren’t many wagons on the market at the moment. Even though the Jeep is a better off-roader, the Subaru offers a more enjoyable ride to the trailhead.

To put it another way: You’re hardly losing much if you tick the “Wilderness” checkbox on your Subaru Outback. While today’s journey may be a short one, the rugged good looks and elevated suspension make the vehicle more capable, even if it’s just a short drive home.

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