2023 BMW iX M60 Price – Makes 610 Horsepower At Its Peak

2023 BMW iX M60 Price – Makes 610 Horsepower At Its Peak – There is little doubt that such a new BMW iX will be a huge hit when it goes on sale in the U.S. This week at CES 2023, BMW presented its M60 iX SUV, which will be a more powerful version of the xDrive50 variant

2023 BMW iX M60 Changes

2023 BMW iX M60 Price

To our delight, the M60’s interior is virtually identical to the rest of the iX line. The interior of the iX is enormous, well-designed, and filled with cutting-edge technology. The M60 is equipped with such a Bowers and also Wilkins¬†sound system, smart entry, vented seats, and heated all the way around thanks to BMW’s iDrive 8 software. Seriously. Radiant heat fills the interior of the vehicle, including the seating, steering wheel, armrests, doors, and also dashboard.

2023 BMW iX M60 Release Date

2023 BMW iX M60 Engine

The battery system and the dual electric motors in the M60 are identical to those in the ordinary iX, weighing in at 111.5-kilowatt hours. When employing launch control, the iX M60 can produce 610 horsepower and 811 pound-feet of torque, compared to the xDrive50’s 516 horses as well as 564 pound-feet of torque. At idle, the iX M60 generates 532 ponies and 749 pound-feet of torque.

2023 BMW iX M60 Exterior

BMW forecasts a 0-to-60-mph pace of 3.6 secs for such iX M60, which would be a full second faster than that of the iX xDrive50. According to BMW, the M60 has an adjustable air suspension that can “compensate for uneven loads” at each wheel. Adaptive cruise control, parking assist, and bigger brakes featuring blue calipers are all standard, as are features like variable-ratio steering and blue calipers.

2023 BMW iX M60 Specs

The EPA has yet to provide official range numbers. With those shorter 21-inch wheels installed as of now, BMW expects the iX M60’s range to be 280 miles, but the bigger 22-inch wheels will undoubtedly reduce that number. This car’s projected range, in comparison, is 300 miles. As for DC fast charging, iX M60 may accept a maximum of 250 kilowatts, which means that the battery can move between 10% through 80% capacity in around 35 minutes.

2023 BMW iX M60 Price and Release Date

The iX M60 isn’t going to be inexpensive because of the additional power and features it comes with as standard. There is a $22,000 price difference between the iX xDrive50 and the 2023 BMW iX M60 Price, which the automaker stated will be included in the $106,095 sticker price. Even at that price, the iX M60 looks like a lot of electric vehicle. BMW dealers should receive it in June. 2023 BMW iX M60 Price

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