2023 Bronco DR Price – I want it, Now

2023 Bronco DR Price – I want it, Now – Ford unveiled a factory-fresh race Bronco at a special occasion outside Las Vegas late Monday, prepared to take on Baja 1000 and beyond. When it comes to conquering the peninsula, this Bronco Dd to Desert Racer certainly appears to have what it takes, and the 2023 Bronco DR Price will only cost you about $200,000 to get in on the action.

2023 Bronco DR Price

What’s new with the Bronco DR in 2023?

2023 Bronco DR Review

Ford has chosen to be using 3.0 Activity and good DSSV spools valves shocks and finned external coolers, which is an interesting choice by Ford. DSSV shocks on Colorado as well as Silverado ZR2 give outstanding ride performance and increase drivers retain control at faster speeds. I hope to see these DSSV shocks in much more off-road applications. Combined with the 15.8-inch front travel and 17.4-inch rear travel High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension, this rig should float over whoops.

2023 Bronco DR Release Date

A breakover aspect of 33 degrees is what we’re looking at as far as geometry is concerned; the approach angle is 47 degrees. Wheels with beadlocks and 37-inch BF Goodrich K3 mud-terrain tires make for a broad track.

2023 Bronco DR Exterior

The integrated roll cage of the Bronco DR is what I’m most excited about. In addition to providing the DR with the necessary safety, the DR’s new helmet looks great, thanks to the way it’s mounted directly to the frame. On the inside, you’ll discover a race radio and a detachable steering wheel. The dash has pre-wired controls for helmet recirculation systems and other accessories you might need.

2023 Bronco DR Seat

The DR, on the other hand, faces some challenges in the racing world. The DR is technically a production car, according to the Baja’s governing organization SCORE, but it’s not street legal due to its exhaust and perhaps other race-specific equipment. Because it lacks the power and travel capabilities to fight with all those Mad Max cars, it falls into a regulatory gray area. It has battled in Class 2 for the past three years, however, the DR isn’t really a good match.2023 Bronco DR Interior

2023 Bronco DR Engine

The Bronco DR is powered by Ford’s 5.L Coyote V8 engine, which we’re familiar with from the Mustang among other vehicles, but it’s constructed on a Bronco frame with only two Sparco seats. According to Ford, it is aiming for 400 horsepower, although no real statistics have been released. Regardless, Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission is paired with the engine.

2023 Bronco DR Engine

A 4.70:1 final drive ratio, front as well as rear locking differentials, and a four-wheel-drive system make this DR one about the first as well as only four-wheel-drive vehicles to finish the Baja 1000 overall. To improve range, the DR incorporates a 65-gallon battery system in place of the vehicle’s radiator and large air intakes running the length of the top.

2023 Bronco DR Specs

2023 Bronco DR Price and Release Date

That implies we’ll have to wait and watch what happens when the 2023 model goes on the market in late 2023. Before letting me drive it, you’ll have some time to save up the money you need to buy one. 2023 Bronco DR Price

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