2023 BMW M5 CS Price – Awesome Specs

2023 BMW M5 CS Price – Awesome Specs – You don’t have to like BMW M5 CS solely because of its gold wheels but also yellow daytime running lights, but they’re a good place to start. You can’t help but notice these slick pieces of brightwork when you see them, and the new M5 clearly deserves it.

2023 BMW M5 CS Exterior

2023 BMW M5 CS Changes

Exterior Design

Expanded carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic body parts, and the ordinary carbon brakes, account for much of the weight savings achieved. There is a CFRP roof, hood, front lip, mirror covers, rear wing, as well as a diffuser. If you’re concerned about scraping the splitter on every driveway, you won’t have to worry about the CS version of M5’s splitter. But watch out for speed bumps.

2023 BMW M5 CS Price

The CS M5 sports a shorter ride height and much more negative front camber than the normal M5. New tires and lighter weight require reprogramming of the adaptive dampers, which have been redesigned to better accommodate the vehicle’s lighter weight.

Pirelli P-Zero, such as those on my test car is included in the CS’s standard equipment. There is little doubt that the Corsas, which come in sizes ranging from 275/35 upfront to 285/35 all around, has made an enormous difference in how the CS performs. The M5 CS was not too harsh to also be driven every day, either; they don’t destroy the ride quality.

2023 BMW M5 CS Release Date

If you recall, BMW made the M5 Competition a tiny bit softer for the year, and in doing so, it increased the gap between both the Competition as well as the CS. The CS is much tighter and more nimble, with fewer body movements and sharper turn-in, on a canyon road. In spite of the M5’s larger size and firmer dampers, you’ll be able to go a little faster through the corners. The Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel seems a little more responsive thanks to the recalibrated chassis as well as better tires, making the M5 Competition feel a little less communicative.

Interior Design

Although the carbon fiber roofing means there is no sunroof, there is Alcantara trim on the CS’ headliner and a few carbon fiber accents throughout the cabin. Due to the lack of an under-armrest storage bin, you’ll need to find another location to keep your wallet or handbag in the center console of the M5. With a wireless charging pad immediately ahead of a cup holder, you can keep your phone securely in place even while the M5 is being tossed around erratically.

2023 BMW M5 CS Interior

Moreover, have a look at those chairs. The M5 CS features BMW’s innovative carbon fiber buckets, although they don’t available in the same wacky color scheme as that of the ones inside the M3 & M4. Dependent on your body shape, getting in and out of these seats may be difficult due to the large side bolsters as well as, of course, the hefty leg divider. But they’re comfortable and supportive, plus they’re both heated and electronically adjustable, which is a nice perk.

Even those in the backseat can enjoy the wild atmosphere. Seats are separated by a tiny console featuring cup holders in the middle of the two seats. Many luxury sport sedans don’t have this feature, so don’t panic, Cool Moms as well as Cool Dads. You may still use this feature to install a child safety seat.

2023 BMW M5 CS Top Speed

There is no change to the iDrive 7 system from the previous 5 Series models in terms of wireless compatibility with Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto or the integrated navigation. Harman Kardon audio and a wireless Internet connection are also included in the M5’s 12.3″ digital gauge cluster. BMW even includes all of its active safety features, such as automated braking, blind-spot detection, and lane-departure warning. Nothing but matte fresh paint, that look amazing, and free add-ons like the Corsa tires as well as gold-painted brake calipers, which you want without a doubt, remain as the sole choices.

2023 BMW M5 CS Engine

A 2023 M5 CS is BMW’s highest powerful production vehicle, with such a 4.4-L twin-turbo V8 powertrain producing 627 horsepower. There is a lot that can be said about bragging rights when it comes to this industry, and even if this is only a 10-hp gain and over M5 Competition, it’s enough to win the “most powerful” moniker. From 1,800 through 5,950 rpm, the V8’s 553 pf torque is delivered in full. To put it another way, the M5 CS does have a ton of power that’s always just a pedal tap away. 2023 BMW M5 CS Price

2023 BMW M5 CS Engine

BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system distributes the engine’s power to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. It’s possible to disable traction control as well as lock the M5 into a two-wheel-drive configuration, but that’s overkill for public roads. The M5’s typical rear bias helps it feel snappy in the tight mountain switchbacks of Southern California. Because of this, the CS’ electronic protections allow for more rowdiness with the 4WD Sport mode, and indeed the stability control adjusted to its middle M Dynamic Mode. It’s a hoot, I can tell you that. 2023 BMW M5 CS Price

2023 BMW M5 CS Specs

Besides being BMW’s most powerful performance car, the M5 CS is BMW’s fastest as well. The latter, on the other hand, is not a direct consequence of the first. It’s really the 230-pound weight reductions that allow the M5 CS to reach 60 mph in just under three seconds (albeit it’s still 0.2 seconds slower than the not-slowpoke M5 Competition). 2023 BMW M5 CS Price

2023 BMW M5 CS Price and Release Date

Because this sport sedan isn’t cheap, it’s a good thing the M5 CS comes equipped. This year’s 2023 BMW M5 CS Price will cost $142,995 adding $995 for the destination, making it BMW’s most expensive car ever. To put that in perspective, it’s a substantial jump in price from an M5 Competition of over $30,000! This time around the CS feels even more significant than it would on the M2, so I don’t expect BMW to have any trouble moving any of them. In other words, it’s a better-than-ever M5. Running lights are also yellow. Just for that reason, I think it’s worthwhile. 2023 BMW M5 CS Price

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