2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Specs: Real Winner When It Comes To Cargo Space

2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Specs: Real Winner When It Comes To Cargo Space – People who prefer a coupe can get one with the BMW M440i xDrive Gran Coupe 2023. A cargo room, luxury interior and a supreme powerplant make this a strange prospect, but it has a secret weapon in its sleeve. The M440i could be a better choice than the M340i sedan if you really can tolerate the Gran Coupe’s, shall we say, contentious styling.

2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Exterior

2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Changes

Exterior Design

There are small overhangs on the M440i Gran Coupe’s side, a good roofline, and a well-preserved and robust aspect from the back. Yes, it’s a touch unremarkable from these perspectives, but the overall design is appealing. However, no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get into the front fascia.

2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Price

Gran Coupe’s back hatch opens to reveal 16.6 cubic feet of room, which is smaller than the M340i sedan’s 16.7 cubic feet. However, when the seats are folded flat, you’ll have 45.6 sq ft of cargo space, which is any more than a Hyundai Kona. With 2-door 4 Series coupe as well as 3-door 3 Series sedan trying to battle with daily use of SUVs, this cargo capacity is a true packaging triumph for sedans.

2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Review

Interior Design

This M440i Gran Coupe’s cabin, like that of the rest of the 3 Series and 4 Series vehicles, is comfortable. The interior of this vehicle is finished in gray ash wood with a dash trimmed in synthetic leather from the company. It stands out against the building’s dark pearly blue exterior and gives off a cozy vibe that’s perfect for the gloomy winter days. 2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Specs

2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Interior

The 12.3″ digital gauge panel is ahead of the driver, while a 10.3″ touchscreen featuring clear graphics is situated to the right. Wireless connectivity is provided by Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto. Because of its straightforward controls, the iDrive controller on the middle console is still my favorite way to use the system. The Harman Kardon speaker system, heated steering including front seats, head-up display, and attractive ambient lighting in the cabin are all included in my test vehicle.

2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe 0 60

On the tech side, there is a plethora of assistance plus active safety gear to choose from. The Park Assistance Package ($700) includes BMW’s hands-free Park Assist Plus as well as a convenient 3D surround-view camera system. 2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Specs

2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Specs

Additionally, the $1,700 Driver Assistance Package includes adaptive cruise control in addition to standard features like automated emergency braking, blind-spot recognition, and more. Even in the pouring rain at night, the adaptive cruise surprises with its faultless performance on the motorway. A number of USB-A and C connectors, as well as a wireless phone charger, were also well regarded.

2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Engine

Combined with a gorgeous turbocharged 3L inline-six motor, this functionality offers a compelling argument is for M440i Gran Coupe to be the best of a 3 Series as well as 4 Series bundle. The mild-hybrid 48-volt system fills up some power gaps and provides enough of pulling power for the vehicle. The M440i Gran Coupe, on the other hand, gets 22 mpg in the city, 29 mpg on the interstate, and a combined 25 mpg from the EPA. That’s a drop of one mpg combined and three mpg on the highway from the M340i.

2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Engine

The M440i makes up for its lack of frugality by delivering a high level of performance. BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive technology delivers 383 horsepower plus 369 of torque to all four wheels. The 8 automatic gearbox always finds the proper gear with rapid downshifts, and there’s always a rush of power available when you step on the gas. When shifting gears, the sound of the transmission blips by in a moment, providing an earful of delight. When a turbocharged engine is used, this 48-volt hybrid model fills in the performance gaps and smooths out the stop-start motion.

2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Cargo Space

BMW’s adjustable M suspension allows the vehicle to change its ride and handling characteristics at the touch of a button. For everyday driving, normal setting delivers a lot of comforts, but with soft handling. Sport mode, which is my personal favorite, raises the ride stiffness while also improving handling. In addition to highway travel, I found the Sport suspension option to be ideal for city driving. 2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Specs

The brakes are what actually bring the M440i to a halt. There is just enough initial bite and a spongy sensation to the pedal. That’s despite the fact that the brakes on a regular M Sport have a fixed hydraulic arrangement. This isn’t unique to this particular BMW. 2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Specs

2023 BMW M440i Gran Coupe Price and Release Date

The base price of such M440i Gran Coupe is $59,195, plus a $995 destination tax; however, the final sticker price of my tester is $68,925. In addition to increasing $2,400 paid just on M-badged performance technology as well as the $1,750 Premium Package, there are thousands of dollars more of alternatives.

You shouldn’t need to actually spend $70,000 to get the M440i Gran Coupe’s main competencies if you can do without them. It’s also worth noting that due to an ordering error that BMW discovered early on, this vehicle was sold without power seats. BMW, on the other hand, lowered the MSRP by $995 like it did with client vehicles. Ordering issues have now been resolved.

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