2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Specs : Comes Standard With Dual Electric Motors

2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Specs : Comes Standard With Dual Electric Motors – Aside from the i4 sedan, BMW also introduced the iX xDrive50 for 2024 as one of its new electric vehicles. An iX xDrive50 was the most risky bet, being an all-new vehicle rather than just a battery-powered adaptation of an actual model. Additionally, it involves far higher stakes. Some of these dangers are not worth taking, while many others result in improved driving dynamics, comfort, and range. The electric SUV suffers from several unusual and intriguing design choices, and I am not only referring to its divisive look.

2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Release Date

2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Changes

Exterior Design

The driver can tailor its iX’s efficiency to their preferences with the use of My Modes and the vehicle’s regenerative braking system. In addition to influencing the accelerator’s responsiveness (among hence the car’s energy consumption), the three My Modes—Personal, Sport, and Efficient—alter the car’s steering and other functions. For more dynamic handling, for instance, the additional Dynamic Handling bundle can lower its suspension to 0.4″ in Sport mode.

2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Exterior

The iX’s speakers can play optional Iconic Sounds, and these will change based on the selected My Mode. Using Shepard tones to create the appearance of overlapped sound that appears to infinitely grow in pitch, Hans Zimmer designed this false powertrain noise that fills the cockpit as the EV speeds. The sound in Sport mode is both deeper as well as louder than in Normal and High. Iconic Sounds can also be turned off entirely if you’d rather have a quiet trip.

BMW’s Adaptive Recuperation is the most advanced of the four available regenerative braking settings. Regeneration in this mode is calculated based on the current battery life, the distances to the automobile in front of you, and other factors. Although this strategy should result in the most effective energy recovery, in practice it merely makes deceleration seem erratic, unpredictable, and occasionally jerky. When selecting a static regen mode, I usually go for the ones with the highest degree of reliability, such as low, medium, and high. By shifting the transmission into B mode with maximum regen, the iX can be driven with with one foot on the brake, making it my preferred form of EV braking.

2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Specs

Some people might appreciate the iX’s lofty wagon profile, but I don’t think it looks very well put together. For instance, I despise BMW’s redesigned corporate grille almost as much as the sharp L-shaped trimming on the bumpers that doesn’t appear to align with any other piece of the front and feels pasted on. The iX is usually unpleasant to look at, but every once in a while I manage to frame it at an interesting perspective, and suddenly it’s not that bad. (There are coworkers of mine who are more enamored with BMW’s aesthetic.)

The fact that the bucktoothed grille is actually self-healing polymer is pretty neat, too. If you happen to pick up a chip as well as scratch on its reflective surface, don’t worry; the area will smooth itself out and return to its original luster and flushness over time. Since heat hastens the recovery process, you can see the wound heal right before your eyes on a warm summer morning (or with a little help from a hair dryer).

A concealed washer fluid reservoir is accessible by popping open the BMW emblem right above the grille, which would be cool if the iX’s hood didn’t need to be opened by a service technician—a dual bummer since it implies there was no frunk. To be fair, this is a more refined solution than Mercedes Benz’s washer liquid fender slot just on EQS as well as EQE.

Interior Design

On the other hand, the iX’s interior is stunning. The crystal cutting glass iDrive knob, the seat adjustment controls, and the unusual wood veneers capacitive keys here on center console all are extra, but they’re just a few examples of the high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and tactilely engaging materials used throughout the vehicle.

2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Colors

The bucket seats seem to be very comfortable, and their high placement in the vehicle gives the driver unobstructed views out the greenhouse’s expansive windows. The electrochromic glass roof, which can be added to this model as an option, is both transparent when the sun is shining down on you and opaque when you want some shade.

Not everything is as beautiful as it seems though; there are certain ergonomic issues that really stand out. The automatic door release is awkwardly placed, being both too far ahead and too high just on door to provide sufficient opening leverage. To exit, I had to painfully pry open the door with my elbows and shoulders, while my tiny copilot had to use both hands to push open the door.

2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Interior

In addition, BMW eliminated a number of buttons from the iX’s wheel in favor of shiny capacitive touch pads encircling a thumb wheel for operating the vehicle’s cruise control, audio system, and other features. There also will not really seem to be a switch for turning off cruise control, so it only takes one tap to begin or continue cruising at your preferred speed.

So far, so good, but on two separate occasions while hurling the iX together around corner, my hand brushed the pad while twisting its steering wheel 90 °, forcing the cruise controls to abruptly resume mid-turn and send the car lurching forward until I could slam on the brakes. Both times I saw it, I was successful in avoiding a collision, but it tarnished an otherwise pleasant drive.

2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Price

This ergonomic complaint notwithstanding, the iX’s other available and basic driver assistance functions perform admirably. The optional adaptive cruise control is useful for stop-and-go traffic, because it works well alongside the lane keeping and the hands-free Traffic Jam Steering Assist, both of which are active at speeds under 40 mph. You may also get a professional version of Parking Assistant, which will steer your SUV directly into a parallel or perpendicular parking spot with the push of a button. It comes equipped with forward collision avoidance as standard and has an upgrade path to add side collision avoidance.

A few ergonomic annoyances, though, do detract from the otherwise perfect design. The automatic door release is awkwardly placed, being too far ahead as well as high just on door to provide sufficient opening leverage. My copilot, who was far smaller than me, had to use both hands to push and muscle open the door, while I had to use my elbows and shoulders. 2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Specs

2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Specs

Standard on every iX is all-wheel drive, provided by a 191 kilowatt electric engine at the front and a more potent 231 kilowatt motor in the back.  The maximum combined output is 517 horse as well as 565 of torque, which is enough to swiftly and quietly propel the iX through 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 4.4 seconds. While the surge of g-forces under strong acceleration is spectacular, the benefits of quick, precise electric torque may be felt while merging onto the freeway or even pulling away from such a traffic signal. The engine is reliable and capable of instilling trust.

The xDrive50 seems more than adequate for everyday use, but BMW does include its 610-hp iX M60 again for 2024 design year for those who feel the need for even more power (or have the disposable income to spare). As a result, it can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.6 seconds, which isn’t fast enough to put a smile on a Tesla Model X Plaid’s face but is on par with the Model Y Performance as well as the Mustang Mach-E GT.

2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Engine

The iX is run by a battery pack that has a total capacity of 111.5 kWh, 105.2 kWh of which can actually be used. To my surprise, the EPA provides different range estimates depending on size of those wheels installed. Its best 325 mile rating goes to the smallest wheels, which are 20″ in diameter. However, the range increases to 316 miles with the larger 22s despite dropping to 306 miles with both the smaller 21s. I believe this is because new 275/40R22 tire’s firmer sidewall decreases rolling resistance by just enough to counteract the heavier rim.

It took me 210 miles of cruising at a steady 65 mph before the battery’s 17% capacity ran out, and I had to stop and plug it in. Given that I did a big deal of my testing in Sport mode while driving up winding mountain roads, this is particularly impressive because it’s approximately 10 way better than what I’d have gotten just on the EPA’s statistics while still being inside the margin of error. Okay, I guess.

2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Cargo Space

The maximum power draw for a charge on the iX at a DC fast charger of sufficient strength is 195 kW. Even though it’s not as quick as just a 251 kW Hyundai Ioniq 5 or even a 271 kW Porsche Taycan, a 10 minute sessions could add 90 miles to your range, and a 40 mins session can take you from 10% through 80%. BMW teamed up with EVgo to provide customers as well as lessees a $100 charging voucher to use at any of its stations.

At home, in the evening, when electricity prices are lowest, is the cheapest place to charge. Since the iX can draw 11 kW from a Level 2 socket, a complete charge takes about 11 hours. 2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Specs

Its aluminum as well as carbon composites chassis (which can be seen when the doors or hatchback are opened) and also the aluminum suspension components all contribute to the low curb weight. The iX, with its present options, nevertheless weighs in at a hefty 5,768 pounds. Thankfully, the bulk of such weight is hidden away inside the battery pack beneath the floor.

2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Review

Thanks to its low center of gravity, the iX maintains a level stance in bends, allowing BMW’s engineers to soften the tuning of the car’s double wishbone front or 5 link suspension system. BMW’s lift dampers are hydraulic shock which gradually alter its dampening strength even as wheels move up but also down, so and on the extra 22s, the SUV rides smoothly over bumps. 2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Specs

This model comes with the Dynamic Handling option, that includes an automatic air suspension that keeps the vehicle’s ride level when pulling a trailer weighing up to 5,501 pounds with brakes (though the effect on fuel economy is anyone’s guess). Previously, we discussed how well the air suspension instantly lowers at high speeds and also in sport mode to increase stability, and how it can be raised manually at extremely low speeds to provide an extra 0.8″ of ground clearance. Plus, the kit includes rear-wheel steering, which improves both handling and stability at highway speeds.

2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Price and Release Date

This 2024 BMW iX xDrive50 begins at $85,096 such as the mandatory $996 destination charge. Luxurious leather upholstery over $1,601 improved seats and $1,900 for 22″ wheels pushed the price of this vehicle up to $101,076. To top it all off, I have the $7,701 Ultimate package, which includes the Dynamic Handling improvements, Iconic Sounds, glass as well as wood inside trim, the iX’s full driver aid suite, and much more. 2024 BMW iX xDrive50 Specs

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