2024 Genesis GV60 Specs: Pulls Me In Thanks To Its Styling

2024 Genesis GV60 Specs: Pulls Me In Thanks To Its Styling – All three of Hyundai Motor Group’s attempts at a lottery resulted in a win. Stylish and entertaining to drive, both the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Kia EV6 are excellent choices among midsize electric crossovers. A third Korean car built on the same base wouldn’t be unique enough, right? Wrong. It’s the fantastic Genesis GV60 of 2024, the third vehicle in the lineup.

2024 Genesis GV60 Review

2024 Genesis GV60 Changes

Exterior Design

As soon as I lay eyes on the GV60, I’m intrigued by its design. The emphasis here is on curvy, smooth lines, in contrast to the severe angles of its relatives. A $576 coating of white paint makes my tester look like that of an egg, albeit a stylish egg. The GV60’s dual-layer headlights and taillights, as well as Genesis’ trademark giant-ass maw, help maintain a family look while still distinguishing it from the GV50. There are some sharp edges, but they aren’t overused; the zig in the C-pillar is very cool, and the 21-inch alloy wheels on my review vehicle are among the best I’ve seen.

2024 Genesis GV60 Release Date

The GV60 has an even more funky cabin. The Ioniq 5’s movable center console is a neat gimmick, but it’s not included here. Blue Nappa leather in metric tons, with neon green piping and stitching. Most points of contact are cushioned, knurled, or aesthetically pleasing in some other way. I enjoy that the GV60 doesn’t take itself too seriously as a vehicle. To top it all off, there isn’t even an options package; everything mentioned above comes standard just on Performance model.

2024 Genesis GV60 Specs

Interior Design

The gear dial of the GV60, for example, may be flipped over while the vehicle is turned off to reveal an orb, one of several interesting features found within the vehicle. Its door handles were round like a Mini’s, but they’re much more comfortable to use. Attractive “BOOST” button in bright green on the steering wheel. The cup holders for the back seats are neatly built into the armrests. Every detail has been carefully considered.

2024 Genesis GV60 Interior

After making the transition to electric vehicles, Genesis retained its reputation as having one of the greatest in-car technology installations in the automotive industry. Standard on the GV60 are a set of 12.4″ displays. Information on the vehicle and its safety features may be quickly viewed on the left screen, which is a digital gauge cluster. A widgets just on right hand side of the screen lets me view various information, such as a map, details about the car, and the current song played on the radios.

2024 Genesis GV60 Colors

The newest version of Genesis’ entertainment system, which is essentially a reskinned version of the systems offered by Hyundai and Kia, is displayed on the screen to the right. It’s quick to react and easy to use, plus I love that there is a button on the console in case i do not wish to dirty up the screen. Wireless device recharging is included on both grades, and so are four USB-C connections (two in each row) and Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto (wired only).

2024 Genesis GV60 Price

However, I held off on mentioning the most fascinating technological advancement until now. I can add biometric data while creating a driver profile via the infotainment touchscreen. The GV60’s two-factor authentication system requires neither a key nor a phone to work, thanks to a fingerprint reader inside and a facial-recognition camera outside. It’s simple to operate, keeps my information safe (it’s never downloaded or sent outside the car), and allows me to carry less cash around.

2024 Genesis GV60 0-60

2024 Genesis GV60 Specs

This 2024 Genesis GV60 is just a joy to operate with or without the key. Both of the GV60’s available trim levels have standard two motor AWD and a 77.45 kWh battery packs. In the Performance trim, which I have for testing purposes, you can expect to find 428 horses as well as 517 of torque, which should make for some thrilling driving in a midsize crossover. Do you recall the green “BOOST” switch just on steering wheel? If you smash it, you can enjoy 483 horsepower for a whole minute and a half. The excitement of rapid electric torque delivery is shared by all vehicles, however man, the GV60 can really get up and going.

Due in part to features exclusive to the Performance trim, such as a physical slip differential as well as an electronically regulated suspension, the GV60 is a blast to play with on twisty back roads. By shifting to Sport using the dial on the steering wheel, the ride becomes more rigid and the throttle becomes more responsive.

Minimal body roll is experienced, most noticeably around the grip’s periphery. The GV60 is still enjoyable to play with in its default Comfort setting, but the suspension softens up (a must in Michigan) as well as the right pedal relaxes. The GV60 is at its best in its more subdued modes, where the premium feel Genesis has been cultivating for years can truly shine through.

2024 Genesis GV60 Cargo Space

Nonetheless, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. The braking system is sensitive no matter how strong or weak the regeneration is, thus I recommend only using one pedal. I get that low rolling resistance increases mileage, however the Michelin all-season tires I have on my performance car literally burn to the ground under even mild acceleration and enthusiastic driving on winding backroads. The GV60’s range may decrease slightly if you put on some proper summer tires, but the car will be much more enjoyable to drive after that.

However, given that the GV60’s batteries is really not exactly cutting-edge, it’s crucial that it has a respectable range. With a range of 249 miles in the Advanced trim and 235 miles in the Performance trim, the GV60 Performance isn’t all that far behind. The EPA estimates that the Performance model gets about 2.72 miles per kwh in fuel economy, although I routinely achieve more efficiency. I’m getting around 2.9 as well as 3.2 miles per kWh over a distance of several hundred miles.

The GV60 has an 800 volt design, making it more efficient at high-speed charges than the majority of EVs. It’s still capped at around 226 kW, so I never receive the entire 350 kW stated just at quickest charging stations, but that’s more than enough power for me.

Though the GV60’s ability to go from a ten percent to an eighty percent charge in just eighteen minutes is impressive, owners who have access to a 241 volt outlet may charge their vehicle overnight and have plenty of power for the next day. Fun fact: the car’s orb won’t rotate to reveal the rotary gear selector if you get back in and turn it on while it’s still charging. It’s always a good idea to make things as simple as possible for the complete fool.

2024 Genesis GV60 Price and Release Date

Considering that the mainstream EV6 and Ioniq 5 can be equipped into the mid $50,001 level, its Genesis GV60’s premium price tag should just not come as a surprise. After that point, the GV60 starts at $59,986, which includes the $1,096 destination charge.

The Performance trim, which I tested, is priced at a healthy premium over that. With the only option available ($596 for nicer white paint), my tester’s final price tag was $69,561. That’s comparable to the price of a fully-optioned Tesla Model Y or Polestar 2. While the other two may be more powerful, neither of them manage to capture the same sense of opulence that the Genesis does.

Genesis’s original approach on luxury has proven to be a successful strategy. Its vehicles are engaging all the way through, and they have more than enough power for the typical driver. Furthermore, the cars’ basic packaging makes placing an order a breeze. It’s difficult to find a Genesis that isn’t worth recommending, as well as the 2024 GV60 is a major step forward in the company’s efforts to electrify its range in the coming three years. 2024 Genesis GV60 Specs

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