2024 Mercedes EQS580 Price: Uses A Pair Of Electric Motors

2024 Mercedes EQS580 Price: Uses A Pair Of Electric Motors – When compared to rival high-end manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz is racing ahead just on the electric front. One of the calmest times I’ve had while driving in recent memory was in the EQS580 SUV; it is a different class of vehicle.

2024 Mercedes EQS580 Exterior

2024 Mercedes EQS580 Changes

Exterior Design

2024 Mercedes EQS580 Release Date

Whenever the EQS sedan initially came out, I was a big fan of its space-age styling, and I think the SUV version looks just as terrific. Although its drag factor is 0.26 means that the EQS SUV isn’t quite as economical as the sedan, its design is nevertheless quite aerodynamically friendly. The EQS’s roof will not drastically drop off in the back, so it still has that distinctive SUV profile. Some creases can be seen on the hood, however, the body is free of the kind of visual distraction that would stand in the way of performance.

2024 Mercedes EQS580 Price

Interior Design

The interior cockpit is almost identical to the EQS sedan, which is not bad because it is excellent. Lots of planning clearly went into this space’s design. Its Nappa leather option on my testing, which cost $1,371, made the entire interior luxuriously plush. But my favorite detail is indeed the wood trim just on the center console, which has steel 3-pointed stars embedded inside it. There are three available rows of seating, but if you need more back legroom, you can also choose a two-row layout.

2024 Mercedes EQS580 Colors

Despite its posh exterior, this has several useful features. Most bottles of water may fit comfortably in the door pockets, but those massive Nalgenes will continue to be a tight squeeze. One can find a set of extendable cup holders as well as additional storage for trinkets and the like underneath the sliding door of a console. There’s a humongous tray for stowing items beneath the console, and there’s also more room under the armrest. Cargo space is roughly 31 cubic feet, which is smaller than that the BMW iX gives but still sufficient for a family’s full of grocery bags.

2024 Mercedes EQS580 Interior

An EQS SUV becomes its most beautiful at night, when you can take in the full effect of the basic 64 color lighting effects. Almost every surface of the vehicle is illuminated by an LED strip, as well as each setting of the climate control or activation of something like the “Hey, Mercedes” voice command has its own special animation. There’s an option to adjust the lights to pulse at various speeds.

2024 Mercedes EQS580 Specs

Naturally, the EQS SUV’s interior tech isn’t limited to merely flashy illumination. In additional to the 12.4″ electronic gauge cluster as well as the 12.4″ passenger touchscreen, the 580 works seamlessly with ‘ Hyperscreen, a splash sheet of glass that holds a large 17.7″ central screen. The primary screen can display a detailed map with functional overlays for the audio system, massage chairs, and other amenities. 2024 Mercedes EQS580 Price

2024 Mercedes EQS580 Engine

The GPS system does a great job of making sure there are lots of charging stations along the way, and it comes including both wirelessly Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto. Every seat has access to a USB-C port, so everyone’s electronics may always be charged. Cruise control, active steering aid, automated emergency stop, and blind-spot controlling are just some of the proactive and passive safety features that are included on the EQS SUV.

2024 Mercedes Eqs 580 Msrp

2024 Mercedes EQS580 Engine

Mercedes has no plans to release an AMG version of the EQS SUV series, so the 580 would remain the most powerful vehicle in the range for the foreseeable future. This SUV can hit 60 mph within 4.5 seconds thanks to the twin powerful electric engine, one at every axle that generate 536 horses as well as 634 of torque. Electric torque is quick, so acceleration feels like a huge brick during most speeds, shoving me forward into the plush Nappa leather seats as a quiet, futuristic music plays through the car’s speakers. 2024 Mercedes EQS580 Price

An EQS SUV is just not as efficient as that of the sedan version, so it generates more wind noise at highway speeds. Fortunately, the $1,011 Acoustic Comfort option my tester had installed helped significantly reduce this problem by adding stronger glass. The normal air suspension technology of the SUV absorbs nearly all road roughness; however, although it can be stiffened up and hustled around, the softest suspension settings are optimal for this vehicle. Despite its greater size, the EQS SUV is easy to maneuver in congested metropolitan areas because to its standard rear-axle steering.

2024 Mercedes EQS580 Cargo Space

Like the EQS sedan, regen braking is a cool feature here. There are also few other levels of power available, but Smart is the only genuine one-pedal mode, working in tandem with the car’s many safety features to maintain a steady pace in heavy traffic. 2024 Mercedes EQS580 Price

In addition, when the regeneration feature kicks in, the braking system moves to deliver a consistent amount of stopping power whenever my foot meets it. Truthfully, I’m a fan of the mechanism; it’s never taken me off guard. However, it does feel a little weird the first time you get out of an EV that doesn’t have this system. The pedal is somewhat squishy, which is excellent for light, smooth stops but less so for harder, more panicky uses.

As a result of its larger, less fuel-efficient body, the EQS SUV has a reduced range. According to EPA estimates, the EQS580 SUV has a range of 286 miles on a charge, or around 2.5 miles per kwh.  The 306 mile distance of EQS450 Plus SUV could be increased by reducing to it, however the predicted 345-mile distance of the sedan is unrivaled in terms of fuel economy. Still, the EQS SUV is quite efficient at sucking up electrons, and my driving yields results that compete with (and sometimes outdo) those of the federal government. The EQS SUV can be charged from ten percent to eighty percent in around thirty minutes using up to two hundred kilowatts of power.

2024 Mercedes EQS580 Price and Release Date

This 2024 Mercedes EQS SUV is really not excessively more costly than that of the base model EQS car. The MSRP for a standard EQS450 Plus SUV is $105,551 ($105,551 + $1,151 for delivery), while the MSRP for the more powerful EQS580 SUV is $127,101. This particular model costs $132,881 due to the addition of high-end features like massage front seats (which add $1,101), 4 temperature controls (which adds $861), plus quicker seat heating (which adds $451). The BMW iX M60, in instance, can cost you approximately $109,001 before extras, which is a steep price but typical for the sector.

New 2024 Mercedes EQS580 SUV lives up to the lofty standards set by its price tag. It incorporates the automaker’s expertise in creating a high-quality luxury SUV as well as applies it to the development of an all-electric vehicle; the resulting EV is just as cutting-edge in its feel as it is in appearance. 2024 Mercedes EQS580 Price

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