2024 Toyota Crown Price: Hybrid Sedan That Boasting Up To 340 Turbocharged Horsepower

2024 Toyota Crown Price: Hybrid Sedan That Boasting Up To 340 Turbocharged Horsepower – The tradition is back this year to North America of the oldest nameplate in Toyota’s history. The all-new 2024 Toyota Crown debuted on Thursday, and it’s a far cry from the 15-generation Japanese sedan on which it’s based. With its crossover-like height, the Crown stands literally head and shoulders over the remainder of Toyota’s sedans.

2024 Toyota Crown Changes

Exterior Design

The Crown has a size of 195″ as well as a wheelbase of 112.3″ (making it smaller than that of the Avalon). The Avalon has been retiring from production this year, making way for the Crown as the company’s new sedan. The Crown is 3.8″ taller than Camry, thanks to its roofline that measures in at 60.7″. These proportions are unlike anything else produced by Toyota. Brand representatives assured us that the Crown’s elevated ride height is due to its “lift-up” dimensions as opposed to significantly greater ground clearance.

2024 Toyota Crown Price

The Crown’s architects were capable of giving it a crossover-like riding position by lifting the top, so it has the traditional driving dynamics, silhouette, and unobtrusive storage of a sedan, as well as the front visibility, comfort, as well as simple step-in entry and departure of a small SUV. Toyota may be peeling out perceived advantages in the driving experience, but many contemporary SUVs already have very car like road manners.

2024 Toyota Crown Release Date

Standard on lesser trims are wheels measuring 19″ in diameter, with optional 21″ available on the Limited. The Crown is equipped with a MacPherson spring suspension in front as well as a multilink configuration at the rear. Platinum, the highest trim level, has adaptive dampers and those 21″ wheels as standard features. 2024 Toyota Crown Price

Interior Design

The Crown’s interior has the newest version of Toyota’s dashboard technology. Two 12.4″ displays are standard equipment, with one mounted in front of the driver to serve as an adaptable digital instrument cluster, and the other located in the center to house Toyota’s Audio Multimedia entertainment system. Over-the-air software upgrades, subscription-based remote services, maintaining numerous Toyota user profiles, and linked destination search are all possible thanks to the new Tundra’s built-in network connection. Users can also use voice search by saying “Hey, Toyota” to activate hotword recognition.

2024 Toyota Crown Interior

The climate controls are located below the screens (much appreciated), and there is a large pocket allowing wirelessly recharging a smartphone plus two USB type-C connectors for recharging other passenger equipment. For further media playback options or the usual Android Auto as well as Apple CarPlay compatibility, a USB type-A connector can be found inside the center console, plus two additional type-C ports could be located just on second row. 2024 Toyota Crown Price

2024 Toyota Crown Review

Moreover, Toyota’s driver assistance package, Safety Sense 3.0, would be standard on the Crown. It now has the ability to identify motorcycles and guardrails in addition to pedestrians as part of its pedestrian detection technology. Additionally, when crossing a junction, the pre-collision system may now identify oncoming traffic and apply the brakes automatically. Enhancements have been made to radar cruise control with lane tracing assist for the this model year. Backup cameras and 360º camera systems, both standard on Platinum and available on Limited, improve safety at low speeds.

2024 Toyota Crown 0-60

2024 Toyota Crown Engine

All Crowns come standard with electronic AWD and a choice of two hybrid drivetrains. The XLE as well as Limited come standard with the 2.5-L Toyota Hybrid Model. The regular gas-electric hybrid engine is combined with a secondary electric engine placed to the rear axle in this setup, allowing for on-demand AWD. This design is quite similar to the present RAV4 Hybrid, but with some minor adjustments to the batteries as well as other systems, the Crown is expected to produce 237 horsepower and achieve an EPA-estimated combined economy of roughly 38 mpg.

2024 Toyota Crown Specs

When you upgrade to the Platinum trim, you can also get the brand new Hybrid Max powertrain from the manufacturer. This improves the performance-oriented, permanent all-wheel drive system by replacing the 2.0-L naturally aspirated four-cylinder with a 2.4-L turbocharged gas-electric hybrid system, with such a 6-speed automatic having to send power to the front wheels axle as well as a water-cooled electric engine able to power the rear axle. Toyota claims that the maximum output of a Hybrid Max system is 341 horsepower, and that it can achieve combined fuel economy of 29 miles per gallon with a light foot.

2024 Toyota Crown Engine

A plug-in hybrid model of the Crown would have been a fantastic addition. If governments insist on switching to all-electric fleets within the next decade, having a larger battery and a few more miles more EV range each morning would be a good hedge against the future. As Toyota slowly makes the switch to electrification, this would help its Crown serve as just a gateway for consumers just on fence regarding plugging in. Toyota has been notoriously tight-lipped about its future product plans. Perhaps the long-awaited Crown PHEV is still in the works. 2024 Toyota Crown Price

2024 Toyota Crown Price and Release Date

This 2024 Toyota Crown straddles the line between sedan and crossover, making it an interesting study in class defiance and fusion but also feeling a bit out of place. A hybrid is being released just as the industry is nearing a turning point toward full electrification, and a sedan is being released at a time when consumers are increasingly interested in purchasing sport utility vehicles. When the Crown goes on sale later this year, we’ll finally find out how well it’s received by consumers. Closer to the launch window, we anticipate announcing pricing and the final fuel efficiency.

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