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Michelin Cross Terrain SUV Tire Review & Rating

Michelin Cross Terrain SUV Tire Review & RatingAdditionally having a ride quality comparable that of any premium automobile, this Michelin Cross Terrain SUV was created by deliver all-season grip plus agility. This Cross Terrain is a decent all-season highway performer with respectable small-terrain off-road capacity, tailor-made over drivers with light trucks along with SUVs.

This Dura Black technologies, developed by Michelin, ensures every sidewall remains black along with crisp for its duration this tread given its all-season silicate reinforced composition. This innovative tread pattern along with interconnecting sipes have been tuned for some car-like experience while simultaneously increasing grip in every climate while road situation. According to several drivers, these tire offers more pleasant options with SUVs in each class.

Michelin Cross Terrain SUV Tire Review & Rating

This tire’s improved packing systems, rectangular interface update, along with persistent side ribs work together to boost dry grip, turning grip, driving responsiveness, plus road noise reduction.

Michelin Cross Terrain SUV Tire Review
Michelin Cross Terrain SUV Tire Review

By addition to lowering the likelihood for hydroplaning, this tread’s circular grooves while interlocked zigzag sipes improve grip along with control upon wet surfaces. The tire’s biting edges, which improve traction during snow and rain, are created through its sipes. Concurrently, you’ll notice this product offers above-average grip over snowy roads.

Tire elements used is tandem using Michelin’s Bead Tension Technology include some polyester cable physique, two steel belts, alongside other components. All of these things work together for making make ride even better alongside this tires more stable. Tires with Michelin come with with 6-5,000 mile warranty alongside come with sizes 16–18 inch. Michelin Cross Terrain SUV Tire Review

Michelin Cross Terrain SUV Tire Pros & Cons


  • Impressive traction in both dry along with rainy conditions
  • Durable treadlife
  • The most comfortable ride ever
  • Excellent winter performance


  • Some faster steering reaction would be great.

Final Thoughts

That’s not hard to comprehend why certain high-end SUVs from modern employ Cross Terrain SUV tires. With addition to an extended treadlife, these offer great general efficiency. This traction was top-notch both with dry alongside rainy conditions. With any speed, these provide excellent rigidity that have a delightful handling. If you had to pick one aspect, it was this steering reaction, which roughly standard. A little bit faster would be possible.

Just won’t believe how well that tire handles this road. We compare with driving a high-end vehicle with flat touring tire. Neither bumps nor that annoying exterior road noise are audible or felt.

This Cross Terrain tread was top-notch. It’s great knowing that many drivers receive 60,000-80,000 miles toward their tread of such tires. Additionally, Michelin offers its 65,000 mile guarantee to back that up. Everything considered, these offers a top-notch all-season roadway tire which delivers efficiency and convenience comparable with those of a vehicle. Michelin Cross Terrain SUV Tire Review

Tire Sizes


  • P235-70R16 104S ORWL


  • P245-65R17 105S BSW
  • P265-65R17 110S BSW
  • P225-65R17 100T BSW
  • P235-65R17 103T BSW


  • P235-65R18 104S BSW
  • P235-65R18 104S ORWL

Michelin Cross Terrain SUV Tire Price

You can get any Cross Terrain SUV for around $192 along with above. Rebates, discounts, vouchers, alongside exclusive deals might be available from time to time for that tire. Michelin Cross Terrain SUV Tire Review

Michelin Cross Terrain SUV Tire Warranty

This Cross Terrain is covered by Michelin’s tread guarantee, which lasts for 6 years while 65,000 miles. Changing this size from front to back reduces the distance component about half. They ensure tire homogeneity against one year, regardless of any first 2/32 inches about wear, whichever comes first.

You may get a new one over free within this first year, even if it wears down to 2/32 inches, thanks to this 6-year warranty on material alongside craftsmanship. Up until this last 2/32 inches about wear, including any extra duration, some fractional sum will be provided.

Michelin offers any 30-day money-back or tire-exchange guarantee in addition of its 3-year flat-tire-changing services.

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