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Michelin Pilot Primacy Tire Review & Rating

Michelin Pilot Primacy Tire Review & RatingSummer touring convenience, enhanced performing handling, alongside superior grip are all hallmarks of this Michelin Pilot Primacy. Equipped with standard equipment for vehicles like Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, alongside several premium manufacturers, this Primacy was crafted at drivers with sport coupes alongside sedans. Michelin Pilot Primacy Tire Review

The asymmetric tire design alongside silica-based tread composition improve grip in dry alongside wet roadway conditions. Tyres with larger outer tread blocks along the edge improve handling in corners alongside have a constant middle rib that makes them stable and sensitive to steering inputs regardless of speed.

Michelin Pilot Primacy Tire Review & Rating

Tires with three circular grooves alongside special high-angle groove at the tread’s inside part are less likely to hydroplane while offering superior wet driving qualities. Additional traction during wet weather is provided by this tire’s full-depth sipes. Michelin Pilot Primacy Tire Review

Michelin Pilot Primacy Tire Review
Michelin Pilot Primacy Tire Review

Two Michelin-exclusive high-tensile steel belts work together in this tire’s center to improve handling alongside durability during high speeds. You may get this type in widths of 18 to 20 inches and with the W and Y speed rating. Additionally, Michelin offers a tread warranty of 30,000 miles.

Michelin Pilot Primacy Tire Pros & Cons


  • Both braking alongside acceleration are greatly improved with this tire.
  • A relaxing journey
  • Superb traction and steadiness
  • Wet and dry stability are both top-notch.


  • Possible improvement in road noise
  • Decreased road traction

Final Thoughts

By many ways, the Pilot Primacy delivers on Michelin’s promises. This tire has superb grip in both dry and rainy conditions. At high speeds on the highway, the handling of corners is precise yet steady, alongside the braking alongside speed are just as remarkable. These tire excels not just at performance but also in providing a comfortable ride. Michelin Pilot Primacy Tire Review

They are keen for improvements made to the places where traffic noise was a problem. When the tire wears down, this noise grows louder. In addition, a number of drivers have brought this up in their evaluations. While these acts as a summer capacity touring tire, this amount of time the tread stays intact is heavily dependent by the driver’s level of aggression, which is another area where we noticed drivers express dissatisfaction.

We think the Pilot Primacy is about average for summer touring.

Tire Sizes


  • 245-50R18 100W BW


  • 245-45ZR19 98Y BW
  • 275-40R19 101Y BW


  • 245-40R20 95Y BW
  • 275-35R20 98Y BW

Michelin Pilot Primacy Tire Price

Pilot Primacy costs start at about $282 and go higher from there. By occasions, you could also come across rebates, sales, coupons, along with special deals on that tire.

Michelin Pilot Primacy Tire Warranty

Michelin backs the Primacy with a 6-year along with 30,000-mile tread guarantee. When using different diameters on the back and front, the mileage falls by half. Throughout this first 2/32 inches for wearing and one year, this tire’s homogeneity was maintained.

There is a 6-year guarantee on this materials alongside craftsmanship, which includes any free adjustment within the first year and this first 2/32 inches any wear, whichever comes first. After another time period and until the last 2/32 inches for tread depth, the fractional sum is provided.

At addition to Michelin’s 30-day pleasure assurance, you’ll discover an flat tire repair services that lasts for three years.

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