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Michelin Energy Saver LTX Tire Review & Rating

Michelin Energy Saver LTX Tire Review & RatingThis Michelin Energy Saver LTX provides some environmentally conscious tire that suits trucks alongside vans along highways. It offers all-season popularity, convenience, plus fuel efficiency. This Energy Saver LTX is another innovative tire that uses modern technologies for enhanced efficiency in general. It primarily serves are OEM with cars including this Ford F-series among many.

With make prevent harmful heat accumulation, decrease carbon dioxide releases, alongside increase fuel economy, Michelin developed a special all-season tire treads composition along with used their EnergySaver structure. With this design, are the perfect blend.

Michelin Energy Saver LTX Tire Review & Rating

This tire’s MaxTouch Construction, which has bigger exterior that interior shoulder structures, increases dry grip alongside stabilizes handling at all speeds. Treadwear becomes greater uniform along with treadlife increases with such revolutionary technologies that maximizes its tread footprints alongside distributes the effects from brakes, velocity, along with corners greater equally.

Michelin Energy Saver LTX Tire Review
Michelin Energy Saver LTX Tire Review

Reliable traction over wet surface happens with its tread’s large circular groove along with numerous sipes, which also decrease its chance for floating. That’s more place where drivers are frequently praised. Despite being along with all-season tires, the sharp edge with these sipes have designed to manage grip over snow, slush, alongside various winter situations.

For this time, this Energy Saver LTX has ratings for T speeds and comes from a 18-inches size. That type comes backed by Michelin’s 55K miles tread guarantee. Michelin Energy Saver LTX Tire Review

Michelin Energy Saver LTX Tire Pros & Cons


  • Increased durability of tread
  • Almost no ambient noise
  • Proficient traction throughout dry and rainy environments
  • Design that minimizes energy consumption
  • Reliability and ease of movement


  • Require a wider range of sizes
  • Grippy surfaces for ice alongside hardpack

Final Thoughts

This Energy Saver LTX provides a suitable alternative to 265/60R18 tires, in addition to being utilized as original equipment with a number of Ford trucks alongside different cars. Michelin tires is well-known for having safe operation and outstanding traction, especially while cornering.

There’s hardly any road noise, along with that ride was rather nice. Like with popular Premier LTX, that’s great best-seller. The 55K mile warranty attests with Treadlife’s surprising durability. We are unable with comment for its effectiveness for enhancing gas mileage, although they have heard from customers which product does so.

Without exceptions about snow alongside hardpack, this Energy Saver LTX offers an enjoyable along with pleasant ride given solid performance within all-season situations. Michelin Energy Saver LTX Tire Review

Tire Sizes


  • 265-60R18 110T BSW

Michelin Energy Saver LTX Tire Price

You should expect to pay around $168 for the Michelin Energy Saver LTX. By occasions, it could possibly come across discounts, sales, vouchers, plus discounts by that tire. Michelin Energy Saver LTX Tire Review

Michelin Energy Saver LTX Tire Warranty

This Energy Saver LTX is covered by Michelin’s tread guarantee, which lasts for 6 years and 55,000 miles. When you choose another measurement for the back from the front, you will cut your mileage in half. There will be a one-year and 2/32-inches wear warranty that ensures tire homogeneity.

There is either 6-year guarantee on materials alongside craftsmanship, which includes free replacements within this first year with this first 2/32 inches any wear, whichever comes first. This outstanding time and its last 2/32 inches with tread depth serves to determine the prorated cost.

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