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Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tire Review & Rating

Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tire Review & RatingMichelin created that Latitude Diamaris aimed at satisfying requirements of modern, high-performance drivers with exceptional handling in corners along with stopping power. This Diamaris was designed towards high-end SUVs, crossovers, alongside sport trucks, but it has become standard around several of most exclusive cars with the planet, similar to BMW X5 alongside its Land Rover Range Rover HSE.

Both dry and wet surfaces are gripped better with a asymmetrical tread design plus a high efficiency tire composition that is strengthened with silica. Drivers often attest with the improved turning ability alongside steering response—made possible by bigger exterior shoulders blocks alongside constant centre rib across the tread—are major selling points in online evaluations. That tire provides some its finest turning performance we’ve ever seen, particularly compared to SUVs.

Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tire Review & Rating

This side grooves while circular grooves on each tire work together to decrease the likelihood for sliding along with increase grip and control upon wet roads. Thanks with Michelin’s specially designed tread substance, these tire offers exceptional braking performance in all weather conditions.

Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tire Review
Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tire Review

For improving each tire’s durability and stability during greater speeds, Michelin’s patented BAZ technologies is employed by two high-strength steel belts which are housed within the tire. These improves its tire’s ride quality in general as well. It is unusual for tires for that class with a wear warranty of 25,000 miles, but Michelin offers one for its Diamaris. Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tire Review

Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tire Pros & Cons


  • Tires within these category provide a pleasant ride.
  • Impressive response time when steering
  • Their turning grip along with dry traction is second to none.


  • Do not drive in the winter
  • A little extra treadlife would be great.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to summer powerful tires, this Michelin Diamaris was hard to beat. When it comes to dry roads, it delivers some its finest traction, grip, along with ride quality of all SUV/truck tire now available. Driving becomes an unbelievably delightful experience because to the steering responsiveness, which radiates confidence. However, there are a couple things that we would want you to remember.

Although there is room for improvement, wet handle was satisfactory. Be careful for a hydroplane while driving over damp roads. Driving on a winter’s day was never recommended because that tire isn’t intended for winter conditions. Reduced tread life was another consequence to anticipate. What was to be expected, the Diamaris, like other tires with that high velocity type, has a rather limited wear life. Many drivers expressed their dissatisfaction with the treadlife, saying it is less than planned. But passengers have raved about the treadwear, so it’s not all bad.

With spite of some minor problems, this vehicle stays a good pick. Although that could fail to be tops in its class, that remains an excellent tire. Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tire Review

Tire Sizes


  • 235-65R17 104W AUD B
  • 235-55 R17 99H VW BW


  • 285-45R19 107V BMW B
  • 255-50R19 103V BMW B


  • 255-50R20 XL 109Y LR
  • 275-40R20 102W BMW B
  • 275-40R20 XL 106Y LR
  • 315-35R20 106W BMW B

Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tire Price

This Diamaris starts around $228 along with goes up from there. Rebates, reductions, coupons, along with exclusive deals might become available from time to time for this tire. Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tire Review

Michelin Latitude Diamaris Tire Warranty

Highly unusual that ultra-high racing tires such as Diamaris to have a tread guarantee of six years and 25,000 miles. When the back size varies from the front size, the mileage decreases by 50%. When it comes with a tire’s homogeneity, with a one-year or initial 2/32 inches wear warranty.

There is any 6-year warranty on with materials along with craftsmanship, with replacements provided within the first year after with first 2/32 inches any wear. During any extra duration after last 2/32 inches overall tread depth, another fractional sum is provided.

Further of its 30-day confidence assurance, Michelin offers a 3-year warranty regarding its flat tire change tools.

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