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Michelin Latitude Sport Tire Review & Rating

Michelin Latitude Sport Tire Review & Rating Modern SUVs plus crossovers can rely upon Michelin Latitude Sport during superior summer grip plus control. Offering top-tier performance, this Latitude Sport makes use of Michelin’s most recent tire technologies; this comes available OEM with luxury vehicles including this Volkswagen Touareg, Porsche Cayenne, alongside Audi Q7.

This Michelin tire shares its tread composition with its Pilot Sport PS2, some high-performance summer tire over sports automobiles, which is an alloy of silica with carbon black. This intended use is to supply two features unparalleled grip in both dry alongside rainy conditions, as well as turning grip comparable to glue.

Michelin Latitude Sport Tire Review & Rating

With an ongoing central rib that offers steadiness along with swifter steering reaction during all speed ranges, this tire’s bigger exterior sleeve block enhance cornering grip. Fill grip with hydroplaning prevention are both improved by the tire’s larger circular groove plus serrated side grooves.

Michelin Latitude Sport Tire Review
Michelin Latitude Sport Tire Review

Two belts of fast-tensile steel, reinforced using nylon alongside aramid, make that tire’s inner construction, making it more resistant to wear alongside tear even at high speeds. Both the handling alongside general ride quality are improved.

Sizes vary between 18 to 21 inch, plus V, W, plus Y-speed rates have all been accessible for each type. Unlike most tires at its class, it comes with a tread guarantee that lasts for twenty thousand miles. Michelin Latitude Sport Tire Review

Michelin Latitude Sport Tire Pros & Cons


  • Reaction time on the wheel is minimal
  • That class’s turning grip was top-notch.
  • Comfortable journey
  • With exceptional grip in both dry alongside wet conditions


  • Definitely an inexpensive tire
  • Driving style determines treadlife, which might become lower that anticipated.

Final Thoughts

With this Latitude Sport, Michelin truly achieved some successful tire. With Pilot Sport PS2 alongside that identical twin, such tire, give unparalleled dry-pavement stability plus turning grip for trucks alongside SUVs. It’s impossible with truly grasp the impact this has is by seeing this impact you personally.

They anticipate a tire with that type to have a responsive steering system plus a responsive ride quality. With faster speeds, this offers they the assurance that desire. The tire was surprisingly lower than others of its class, as it provides a comfortable ride.

The most significant issue that could find regarding that tire is that it has wear in the tread. There is room for improvement, but overall, this isn’t terrible. Some more drivers have also mentioned that during their evaluations. While your level of enthusiasm behind the wheel certainly plays a role, there is more to the story. Therefore, remember this. Lastly, that type wasn’t inexpensive. However, while they need top-notch performance, including with most everything of life, the price tag reflects this.

When this comes to all-terrain tires, this Latitude Sport is among this best. As a matter of reality, we consider just the Standard Grabber UHP as comparable. That type was an excellent choice when you have looking toward a powerful summers drive tire. Michelin Latitude Sport Tire Review

Tire Sizes


  • 255-55R18 109Y XL BSW
  • 235-60R18 103W BSW


  • 275-55R19 111V BSW
  • 235-55R19 101W BSW
  • 275-45R19 108Y XL BSW
  • 275-55R19 111W BSW


  • 255-45R20 101W BSW
  • 245-45R20 99V BSW
  • 275-45R20 110Y XL BSW
  • 275-45R20 110Y XL BSW
  • 275-50R20 109W BSW
  • 255-55R20 110Y XL BSW


  • 275-45R21 110Y XL BSW
  • 295-35R21 107Y XL BSW
  • 295-35R21 107Y XL BSW
  • 295-35R21 107Y XL BSW

Michelin Latitude Sport Tire Price

Costs for Michelin Latitude Sport start around $226 along with go higher after there. That tire might be eligible for rebates, sales, coupons, or additional discounts from time to time. Michelin Latitude Sport Tire Review

Michelin Latitude Sport Tire Warranty

This Michelin Latitude Sport comes with its tread guarantee that lasts for six years or twenty thousand miles. When the rear tires aren’t the same size as the leading tires, the mileage drops in half. There has an one-year and 2/32-inches wear warranty that ensures tire homogeneity.

Within this first year with its first 2/32 inches about wear, you can get any permitted change no charge as part of their 6-year warranty on components alongside construction. During any extra duration after last 2/32 inches overall tread depth, another discounted sum is provided.

Furthermore, Michelin offers a 30-day client fulfillment warranty plus a flat tire repair services that lasts for three years.

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