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Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Tire Review & Rating

Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Tire Review & RatingIf you’re another daring driver looking require some summer tire with superior grip, utilizing, alongside turning capability, go no further than this Michelin Latitude Sport 3. Michelin created this excellent tire which is adaptable with a large variety about SUVs alongside crossovers.

This first-generation Latitude Sport tire had been another outstanding choice, but that updated Latitude Sport 3 asymmetrical tread pattern alongside distinctive tread composition should make this even better. Nonetheless, Michelin improved such grip with that most recent version in its areas of traction, braking, along with corners. Because of this, it is standard equipment for several cars, including this Porsche Macan S.

Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Tire Review & Rating

Tires with siping that varies by thickness provide for less friction while rolling. This lessens this likelihood for hydroplaning alongside offers outstanding grip for wet conditions thanks for this tread shape along with three broad circular groove. For the drivers they spoke with, these tire performs just right in wet conditions than its dry-pavement competitors.

Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Tire Review
Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Tire Review

From 17 to 21 inches within diameter, Michelin provides a range of diameters including V, W, plus Y speed ratings. There will be a treadwear guarantee of 20,000 miles provided with all sizes as well. Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Tire Review

Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Tire Pros & Cons


  • This vehicle has exceptional turning grip along with balance
  • Fantastic traction, stopping power, along with grip in both dry alongside wet conditions
  • Criticisms about the road.


  • Price of Footwear

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking as ultra-high performing summers tire, go no further than this Michelin Latitude Sport 3. That can drive this powerful SUV along with crossover with confidence using those tires that provide that input along with responsiveness that need, have expected, smooth, along with regulated, while offering that grip, power, plus control they need.

Drivers who have used such tires frequently have mentioned that they feel immediate improvements in those traction, whether this road is dry and wet.

Unfortunately, several Latitude Sport 3 customers experienced its same amount of satisfaction regarding those tire’s longevity. Nonetheless, that’s typical of ultra-high-performance summer tires along with wasn’t designed for touring. This pricing includes more than which one would anticipate for an inexpensive tire.

With terms of ultra-high performing summers tires, this Michelin Latitude Sport stands there with most of things. These would be the perfect tire as any SUV along with crossover should they’re looking need a reliable tyre which excels in both dry and rainy conditions. Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Tire Review

Tire Sizes


  • 235-65R17 104W BSW


  • 255-55R18-XL 109V BSW
  • 235-60R18 103W BSW
  • 255-55R18 105W BSW


  • 255-50R19 103Y BSW
  • 235-55R19 101V BSW
  • 245-50R19-XL 105W BSW
  • 265-50R19-XL 110Y BSW
  • 235-55R19 101Y BSW


  • 295-40R20 106Y BSW
  • 255-45R20-XL 105Y BSW
  • 275-45R20-XL 110Y BSW
  • 265-45R20 104Y BSW
  • 245-45R20-XL 103W BSW
  • 255-45ZR20-XL 105Y BSW
  • 255-45R20 101W BSW
  • 255-45R20 101W BSW
  • 285-40ZR20-XL 108Y BSW
  • 275-40R20-XL 106W BSW


  • 295-35ZR21-XL 107Y BSW
  • 265-40R21 101Y BSW
  • 295-35R21 103Y BSW
  • 295-35R21-XL 107Y BSW

Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Tire Price

Costs for Michelin Latitude Sport 3 start around $194 alongside go higher around there. That tire might be eligible for rebates, sales, coupons, along with additional discounts from time to time. Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Tire Review

Michelin Latitude Sport 3 Tire Warranty

Michelin stands behind this Latitude Sport 3 tire with a 6-year either 20,000 mile tread guarantee. When this rear tires have half this size of its front tires, its mileage will be cut in half. They ensure tire homogeneity against one year, regardless of this first 2/32 inches regarding wear, whichever comes first.

After this first year with those first 2/32 inches with wear, you can get free replacements as part of its 6-year warranty on materials alongside workmanship. Over any extra time period up to last 2/32 inches from tread depth, another proportional sum is provided.

Michelin offers a 30-day money-back guarantee alongside of its 3-year tire modifying warranty.

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