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Michelin Latitude Tour Tire Review & Rating

Michelin Latitude Tour Tire Review & RatingEvery kind with trucks, crossovers, along with SUVs may benefit with Michelin’s Latitude Tour, which was created with provide many-season efficiency plus luxury. This Latitude Tour has a longer treadlife, less traction loss, with comes with the most recent advancements with tire design alongside security.

Thanks with Michelin’s Green X technologies along with MaxTouch Construction, this all-season silica-based tyre composition has its larger contact update, decreased traction, with improved fuel economy. Whether this road is dry and wet, this tread design improves safety alongside control.

Michelin Latitude Tour Tire Review & Rating

Better steering with improved turning ability exist the results of a constant center rib alongside sturdy, curved shoulder barriers, two features than several drivers valued highly. This tire’s improved wet performance was a result of its four circular grooves along with additional sipes surrounding its tread. That serves to both increase biting force upon snow-covered surfaces and divert water underneath the tread.

Michelin Latitude Tour Tire Review
Michelin Latitude Tour Tire Review

Reduced road noise along with enhanced riding comfort are the results from the acoustic adjusted symmetric tread design. Its polyester string body provides a more comfortable ride, alongside both nylon-wrapped steel belting within each tire remain strong alongside long-lasting. That Michelin tire can be purchased with sizes 16–19 inches that comes bearing a tread warranty of 65,000 miles. Michelin Latitude Tour Tire Review

Michelin Latitude Tour Tire Pros & Cons


  • Superb stability alongside responsive steering
  • Excellent treadlife, plush ride quality
  • Top performers for this category for both dry along with wet traction


  • Grip for icy and snowy surfaces

Final Thoughts

By its particular, Michelin produced some Latitude Tour champion. That all-season tire provides most secure choices over trucks and SUVs, which also ranks among the greatest with its class when it comes to and performance. This tire has exceptional wet traction alongside stopping power, as well as remarkable handling alongside steering responsiveness. That boosts your self-assurance although they drive, either you’re cruising about town of cruising down that interstate. Additionally, it performs admirably when wet.

They think traction over icy roads is a specific aspect that may use some work. When can’t hold a candle to those top tires of its category when it comes to speed, braking, and grip. The level of luxury resembles to that of a high-quality Michelin tire. Few bumps along the roadway plus the silky smooth ride await you. Others reported hearing an occasional noise when this tire wears out; nevertheless, it’s this a normal occurrence. Featuring another 65,000-mile guarantee, Treadlife was a solid choice.

That general performance for that tire belongs to the middle to top half about those group. Then don’t often drive during severe winter weather, that sort has a great option when touring all-season truck while SUV tires. Michelin Latitude Tour Tire Review

Tire Sizes


  • P225-75R16 104T OWL
  • P235-70R16 104T BSW


  • P225-65R17 100T BSW
  • P245-65R17 105T OWL
  • P265-65R17 110T BSW


  • P235-55R18 99T BSW
  • 255-65R18 111T BSW
  • P265-60R18 109T BSW
  • 245-60R18 105T BSW
  • 235-65R18 106T BSW
  • P265-60R18 109T BSW


  • P255-60R19 108S BSW

Michelin Latitude Tour Tire Price

This Latitude Tour starts around $134 alongside goes higher after there. By occasions, these tire might possibly rebates, coupons, reductions, or special deals. Michelin Latitude Tour Tire Review

Michelin Latitude Tour Tire Warranty

For these concept, Michelin offers with 6-year either 65,000-mile guarantee. When your rear tires vary than your front tires, you might expect a 50% decrease in mileage. Any first year about use, usually any first 2/32 inches from wear, signifies that each tire’s homogeneity was assured.

They stand behind our products and craftsmanship with with 6-year warranty. Within that first year, including within that first 2/32 inches any wear, we’ll exchange it with no cost to you. Payment is made on an equal basis over any extra period until that tread depths reaches last 2/32 inches.

Included as well are Michelin’s trademark 30-day satisfied client warranty along with its 3-year flat-changing maintenance plan.

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