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Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tire Review & Rating

Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tire Review & RatingOverall drivers with SUVs, crossovers, including pickups, Michelin offers with Latitude Tour HP, with tire designed with all-weather performance. This Latitude HP becomes an OE component that prioritizes performance alongside can found regarding high-end automobiles including manufacturers including BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, along with Porsche.

With its dual-compound tread design, these all-season tire improves fuel economy by reducing rolling resistance, increasing brakes performance, and providing excellent grip upon any wide variety of roadway conditions.

Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tire Review & Rating

Secured Lock Tread Blocks are any original layout element that Michelin have employed. Thanks to such innovation, its tread plates remain wide while driving normally, though they shut alongside lock while accelerating, brake severely, either turning with high speeds, causing greater efficiency. With greater speeds, this improved safety along with responsive steering are caused by of this streamlined footprints along with constant centre ribs.

Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tire Review
Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tire Review

2-D Improved wet stability along with grip for roads wrapped with rainfall along with slush are achieved by the use of broader circular groove along with dynamic sipes.

Tires made by Michelin include their FAZ technologies, which increases strength with longevity by spiraling wrapping aramid with polyester cables, along with two steel belt. More pleasant ride along with direct feel alongside responsiveness from these steering are these end results. This tread warranty was either 45,000 miles and 55,000 miles long, dependent on each tire’s velocity ratings. Michelin offers with large selection from sizes ranging from 16 to 22 inches, with each size carrying with speed classification between H and V. Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tire Review

Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tire Pros & Cons


  • Superb stability alongside responsive steering
  • Reliable performance in both dry and rainy conditions
  • Michelin tires, which you might imagine, provide a comfortable ride and also quite silent for their class.
  • Improved gas mileage as a result of reduced rolling resistance.


  • There are others who believe tread life can been enhanced
  • Poor on ice with snow.

Final Thoughts

With Michelin Latitude Tour HP is another excellent choice during SUVs, trucks, including crossovers is some all-season road touring tyre. From navigating city streets through cruising down some intrastate, these design’s steering responsiveness plus overall security are top-notch. You maintain a constant sense of mastery whether so’re cruising down this road while accelerating around a bend. The comfort level was top-notch, as one might anticipate given a Michelin product.

Obviously, that tire was far from ideal. Improved grip along with control over snow alongside ice might being greatly appreciated. Many drivers have brought that up was a concern, that it’s below most leaders for these category. Some reviewers have also mentioned treadlife concerns as concerns with these version. However, several of various drivers were impressed about their treadwear with claimed they’ve received over 70,000 miles from their tires.

These Latitude Tour HP exists, whenever considered, and great option among touring roadway tires with its kind. Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tire Review

Tire Sizes


  • 215-65R16 98H VW BSW
  • 255-65R-16 109H BSW
  • 235-60R-16 100H BSW


  • 245-65R-17 107H BSW
  • 255-60R17 106V BSW
  • 235-55R-17 99H VW B
  • 235-65R-17 104H MBZ
  • 235-65R17 104H BSW
  • 235-65R-17 104V MB B
  • 275-55R17 109V BSW
  • 275-55R-17 109V RBL
  • 225-60R-17 98V INF B


  • 235-50R18 97V VOL BW
  • P275-60R18 113H BSW
  • P265-60R-18 109H LEX
  • P245-60R18 104H FRD
  • 235-60R18 103H AUD B
  • P275-60R18 111H BSW
  • 255-55R18 105H BSW
  • 285-60R18 116V LEX B
  • P275-65R18 114H BSW
  • 255-55R18 105H MBZ B
  • 255-55R-18 105V MB B
  • 255-55R18XL 109V BSW
  • P245-60R-18 104H FRD
  • 285-60R18XL 120V BSW
  • P285-60R-18 114V LEX
  • 265-60R-18 110H MBZ
  • P235-60R-18 102V LEX
  • 225-60R18 100H HON B
  • 255-55R18 105H ACU B
  • 255-55R-18 104H ACU
  • P235-65R18 104H GM B
  • 255-55R18XL 109V POR


  • P255-50R-19 103H ACU
  • 235-55R-19 101H LR B
  • 255-50R19 XL 107V BW
  • 255-50R19XL 107V VOL
  • 275-45VR19XL 108V NO
  • 285-45R-19 107V RBL
  • 235-55R19 101H AUD B
  • 255-50R19XL 107H MBZ
  • 255-55R19 XL 111V LR
  • 235-50R-19 99H MBZ
  • 235-55R19 101V VOL B
  • 265-50R19XL 110V POR
  • P235-55R19 101V LEX


  • 255-50R-20 109V XL B
  • P235-55R-20 102H CAD
  • P235-55R20 102H BSW
  • P285-50R-20 111V LEX
  • 275-45R20 110V XL BW
  • 315-35R-20 106W RBL
  • 275-40ZR20XL 106W B
  • 265-50R20 107V BSW
  • 245-50R-20 102H TOY
  • 275-45R20 XL 110V BW
  • 285-50R20 112V ACU B
  • 305-50R-20 120H XL B
  • P275-60R-20 114H NIS


  • 295-40R-22 112V XL B

Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tire Price

You can get this Latitude Tour HP for around $137 alongside higher. These tire might be eligible for periodic rebates, sales, coupons, along with other promotions. Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tire Review

Michelin Latitude Tour HP Tire Warranty

For tires with the H or V speed rating, Michelin offers some 6-year assurance with 55,000 miles. For tires with some W, Y, with Z speed rating, the warranty is 6-years along with 45,000 miles. The tire consistency guarantee covers the first two-thirds about some inches from wear and one year with every tires.

The first decade, including the first 2/32 inches any wear-free substitutes, is included under the 6-year warranty on materials alongside craftsmanship. This remainder time period plus final 2/32 inches overall tread depth serves in estimating the amortized cost.

This three-year flat tire modifying services along with 30-day client happiness assurance from Michelin make such a fantastic warranty with general.

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