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Michelin LTX A/S Tire Review & Rating

Michelin LTX A/S Tire Review & RatingFor initial device reliable replacements usage, Michelin’s LTX A/S tires are standard upon a wide variety during modern light-duty alongside business vehicles, vans, along with SUVs. This LTX All-Season offers any all-season tire that is known during offer extended treadlife, pleasant ride, alongside reliable traction no matter this weather.

Truck tires designed for every season include an asymmetrical five-rib tread design to improve grip with performance for any weather condition, like light snow. Another benefit of such tire was that it makes to get pleasant plus peaceful journey thanks to its tread pattern.

Michelin LTX A/S Tire Review & Rating

This tire’s side groove also sipes improve wet grip by providing bitten edge additional grip over snow, with its circular groove lessen this chance about hydroplaning by evacuating water about beneath its tire.

Michelin LTX A/S Tire Review
Michelin LTX A/S Tire Review

This tire’s inner construction includes two steel belts, which increase this tire’s assets plus longevity. Types D along with E from Michelin include three steel belts with further durability. Treadwear is less uniform along with this ride is greater comfortable thanks to this polyester string body. You may have these version come in 17 or 18 inch. Michelin LTX A/S Tire Review

Michelin LTX A/S Tire Pros & Cons


  • Precise reaction to steering
  • The best traction possible with any weather
  • Durable tread life
  • Unparalleled level of luxury alongside almost little road noise


  • Improved traction plus agility over the winter seems ideal.

Final Thoughts

These type was utilized mostly for OEM devices, while that served simply that good substitute for several cases. In both dry and rainy conditions, these tire performs admirably. Both the steering plus the turning grip are over par. Staying of command is guaranteed by this tire’s consistent stability across its speed spectrum.

The area which might use the greatest work in terms of managing ice and snow has grip. This tread isn’t optimal when driving through thick snow, which becomes a little slick over ice. According to some drivers, that’s the main issue with these tire.

The ride stays as soft alongside plush as one might anticipate regarding a Michelin tire. When compared to other tires with its class, these one provides much better pleasant ride. Customers having mentioned this excellent treadlife, meaning you won’t have to worry about road noise either.

Several sizes with these vehicle are discontinued by Michelin with this debut among those Defender LTX M/S.

They rate these tire with those center among our all-season truck/SUV class, even though provides excellent dry/wet performances along with ride quality generally. Since this Michelin Defender LTX M/S offers better efficiency plus luxury, they advise against purchasing such type. Michelin LTX A/S Tire Review

Tire Sizes


  • P255-65R17 108S ORWL
  • P255-65R17 108H BSW


  • P275-65R18 114T BSW
  • P255-70R18 112T BSW
  • P265-60R18 109T ORWL

Michelin LTX A/S Tire Price

You can get this LTX A/S for around $165 along with more. Reductions, coupons, rebates, alongside incentives could be available from time to time for that tire. Michelin LTX A/S Tire Review

Michelin LTX A/S Tire Warranty

This LTX AS is covered by Michelin’s 6-year tread guarantee, which is equivalent to 60,000 miles. Over this first 2/32 inches from wear either one year, this tire’s homogeneity was maintained.

When this first year with those first 2/32 inches with wear, you can get replaced complimentary free as part of its 6-year warranty on components alongside construction. Throughout any extra time period after last 2/32 inches about tread depth, some discounted sum will be provided.

Further of its unique 30-day pleasure warranty, Michelin offers some flat tire replacement services that lasts for three years.

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