2023 Audi S8 Specs – Cabin Is Absolutely Packed With Tech

2023 Audi S8 Specs – Cabin Is Absolutely Packed With Tech – The 2023 Audi S8 is virtually unnoticeable when dressed in Mythos Black as well as equipped only with a $2,110 Black Optic option. The sleek S8, on the other hand, is worth considering because of its powerful V8 engine, excellent handling, and cutting-edge interior technology.

2023 Audi S8 Specs

2023 Audi S8 Changes

If you select the Virtual Cockpit, Audi’s best digital gauge cluster technology, you’ll get it no matter how you customize your S8’s features. Along with Samsung’s MMI Touch multimedia system, the S8 boasts dual screens, the larger of which is used to handle standard entertainment features, and the smaller of which is used to regulate climate and vehicle settings.

2023 Audi S8 Exterior

Audi’s haptic capabilities are among the best in the market, recognizing inputs instantaneously and providing tactile feedback. The 8.6-inch bottom screen can be used as a writing pad when you’re utilizing the internal navigation or internet search features, due to increased natural speech recognition. Write “tacos” and you’ve got yourself a quick and easy meal.

2023 Audi S8 Interior

To avoid making a mess, I don’t recommend eating tacos inside of the S8 because the interior is so luxurious. The leather is supple, the metal accent is beautiful, the ambient lighting is stylish, as well as the large glass puts outside noise at bay. If you’re in the mood for a spirited drive, the S8 offers sporty-looking chairs featuring extra side bolsters to keep your skin in position, and the back passengers have legroom to spare.

2023 Audi S8 0 60

2023 Audi S8 Specs

Using the 48-volt system, the suspension along either side of the automobile may be raised or lowered, which reduces body movements while cornering. As a result, the S8 remains stable and composed, allowing you to make the most of the V8’s power. 2023 Audi S8 Specs

The S8’s performance measures will not change in 2023. Despite its 5,126-pound weight, this all-wheel-drive pig can sprint to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds thanks to its dual turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine. The V8’s enormous torque maintains the S8 going strong to its electronically regulated top speed of 155 mph. 2023 Audi S8 Specs

2023 Audi S8 Engine

Despite its size, the S8 manages to handle narrow canyon roads with surprising agility. When it comes to cornering, the usual rear-axle steering assists a lot because it allows the back end to tuck in rapidly. In addition to Audi’s already impressive Quattro all-wheel drive, a basic sport rear differential helps here by transferring power to the outside tire with the maximum grip when necessary.

Moving up through the gears is made more pleasant by the eight-speed automatic transmission’s characteristic burp on overrun while in Dynamic mode. It’s a little heavier than comparable Audis, but the S8’s steering does not lack sensation, despite the additional level of electronic suspension magic. A simple click of its Drive Selection toggle brings things back to reality whenever it’s time to get back on the beaten path and cruise back to town in the comforts of your big sedan.

In terms of dynamic range, the S8’s width is unquestionably its biggest advantage, while top-notch comfort and technology only enhance the experience. Keeping a modest profile isn’t so awful with the S8’s assumed power and elegance, even if Audi can’t compete with a flashy Mercedes-Benz S-Class. 2023 Audi S8 Specs

2023 Audi S8 Price And Release Date

The S8 is now a lot less expensive than it used to be. It starts at $117,995, which includes a $1,095 destination fee, a decrease of $12,480 from the starting price. How did that happen? There are no major changes to the S8’s performance or features for 2023, but Audi has reorganized the available options and packages to make the car more affordable. It’s easier to get your hands on the S8’s V8 now that there’s no A8 60.

Since the S8 doesn’t come standard as a fully loaded sedan, owners have greater leeway when it comes to adding optional items. In addition to the Black Optic Plus Package, the $3,800 Executive package includes an adaptive cruise with lane-keeping and 21″ wheels. You should choose the $5,950 Rear Seat Luxury package if you plan to frequently transport passengers, since it eliminates the back bench in favor of two heated, cooled, and massaged seats. The heated armrests, collapsible tables, and additional power outlets in the back seats are all available to your passengers in the back. Your friends will be in awe of you.

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