2023 BMW M4 Competition Review – Meet New 2023 BMW M4 Competition Xdrive Convertible

2023 BMW M4 Competition Review – Meet New 2023 BMW M4 Competition Xdrive Convertible – I’ll merely stand up and say it: I’m starting to like that big grille. When paired with the 2023 BMW M4 Competition’s aggressive front aero, low hood, and dark trim, the car’s comically large intakes start to look better than they do on the non-M version. I can at least understand how much BMW’s developers were trying to do. Still, I like the old front end better and am afraid of the design future that the iX as well as Concept XM promise.

2023 BMW M4 Competition Review

2023 BMW M4 Competition Review

Exterior Design

The M4 Convertible is different from its fixed-roof siblings because it has a detachable cloth roof, as we’ve seen on other 4 Series convertibles. When you hold a button just on the center console for 18 seconds, the roof folds into the trunk through the singing and dancing of panels as well as fabric. This means that when the top is down, the M4 loses approximately 3 of its 13.7 cubic feet of cargo space.

2023 BMW M4 Competition Colors

The motorized ceiling can be moved at up to 31 mph and is about 40 percent lighter than the hardtop of the previous generation. Also, it keeps air noise down at freeway speeds thanks to numerous levels of insulation and a nice, flush-mounted rear window.

2023 BMW M4 Competition Xdrive

The roof only comes in black or black which looks like moonlight. On the other hand, paint comes in many bright colors, from the crazy yellow to the Isle of Man green. The cockpit can be tailored with colorful choices like the orange Kyalami M Sport Merino leather seats that come standard.

2023 BMW M4 Competition Exterior

These seats are more comfortable for everyday driving as well as grand touring than the $3,800 M Carbon bucket seats that are also available. You can add vents that blast warm air placed above a white your shoulders and neck to these standard seats. This, along with the heated steering wheel and heated as well as ventilated front seats, helps make the M4 a true 4 convertible.

Interior Design

The basic Adaptive M Suspension keeps the tires on the road. It goes from being surprisingly soft and comfortable to being razor-sharp as well as stiff with just a touch of a button. I’d suggest staying in the first mode unless the road is in great shape or it’s a track day. The M4’s steering leaves a small bit to be desired as well, with good feedback and a thick steering wheel that feels good. 2023 BMW M4 Competition Review

2023 BMW M4 Competition Interior

Inside the menus, drivers can choose from 3 motor response modes, three suspension settings, three levels of stability control, at least six transmission shift modes, adjustments for the steering, brakes, xDrive system, stop/start system, as well as multiple themes for the electronic instrument cluster and optional head-up display (HUD).

Plus, there are two M Drive modes—Road and Sport—that can be changed with such a button just on the center console, as well as two preset modes—M1 and M2—that can be changed with buttons on the steering wheel. It can be hard to tell which mode the vehicle is in sometimes. When I switch to M Sport mode, do the M2 settings get erased? Who can say?

I finally decided to make and save custom settings for the M1 and M2 buttons on the steering wheel (one for mildly sporty driving and another for going crazy), then switch between those settings and the fallback Comfort mode. This is presumably a great way to maintain from getting confused or distracted by all the menus. 2023 BMW M4 Competition Review

2023 BMW M4 Competition 0 60

The BMW M4’s dashboard has a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster called Live Cockpit Professional as well as a 10.26-inch center display that runs BMW’s iDrive software version 7.0. The main display can be controlled by touch, human language voice commands using the “Hey BMW”, BMW’s strange gesture system, or the iDrive control knob on the center console. 2023 BMW M4 Competition Review

Onboard navigation comes equipped to live traffic updates and, in some cities, the ability to search for and reserve on-street parking. (Unfortunately, my neighborhood inside the Sf Bay Area is not one of those places.) The iDrive functionality is better than before thanks to well-organized menus, quick responses to inputs, a home screen that can be changed in a lot of ways, as well as smart features but also apps. If you’d rather use your own apps, both Apple CarPlay but rather Android Auto come with wireless but instead USB Type-A connections as standard.

If you pay $1,700 for the Driving Assistance Pro package, you get more safety features like lane departure steering assist,  as well as emergency deceptive steering, assist. Having checked this box as well keeps adding Traffic Jam Assistant to standard dynamic cruise control. This gives you partially done by machines hands-free steering in stop-and-go traffic up to 40 mph as long as the car’s cameras can tell you’re paying attention to the road. If you go faster than that, you’ll have to put your hands back just on the wheel.

2023 BMW M4 Competition Price

This example also had an $800 Parking Including a semi-automated parallel as well as perpendicular parking help and an inflight Drive Recorder that works like a 360-degree dash cam or Tesla’s Sentry feature as well as record keeping video of the car’s surroundings together with speed and GPS data, whether the car is parked or moving.

2023 BMW M4 Competition Engine

Basic Contest spec means that M4 Convertible is driven by a bulkier variant of BMW’s dual 3. L I6, which has 503 horsepower as well as 479 pound-feet of torque. The non-Competition spec has 30 so many ponies as well as 73 more twisties. 2023 BMW M4 Competition Review

That’s more than enough power to make up for the fact that the cabriolet weighs 327 pounds more than a comparably configured xDrive Competition Coupe. The convertible feels just as precise as the coupe, as well as at 3.6 secs to 60 miles per hour compared to 3.4 for the coupe, it is almost as fast. The fact that you can hear the sports exhaust more clearly when the top is down is indeed a nice consolation.

2023 BMW M4 Competition Engine

Just at the sharp end of that power station are a basic 8-speed auto gearbox and xDrive all-wheel drive. From the menus, you could indeed lock the M4 into rear-wheel drive, but it isn’t necessary to have fun. BMW has tailored the drivetrain and its different help technologies so that most of the time, the car acts and feels like a rear-drive car. Since there are no “xDrive” badges on the car, you might forget that it has all-wheel drive until it rains or you need to make a quick turn. I almost did.

The M4 Competition Convertible has performance tires that are 275/35ZR19 in the front and 285/30ZR20 in the back. The wheels are also different sizes. Under the spokes, you can see large vented discs with colored calipers as well as M Compound pads. Carbon ceramic brake pads are accessible for $8,150, but I think often these ceramic brake pads aren’t worth the money, even on cars that are driven on the track, so you can skip this option.

2023 BMW M4 Competition Price and Release Date

The starting price for the 2023 BMW M4 Convertible, which includes the $995 destination charge, is $87,295. That’s $14,300 beyond a base M4 Coupe and only $7,300 more than a similar Competition xDrive model with the same features. This instance checked almost every box inside the configurator, and the price came out to be $104,295. Yikes! I wish BMW had a lower-priced M4 Convertible to rear-wheel drive as well as a manual transmission, and yet I fully comprehend why it doesn’t. Performance convertibles are likely the only type of car whose sales in the US are falling faster than sedans.

As a result, the new M4 doesn’t have much to compete with. The Mercedes-AMG C63 S Cabriolet is probably the closest competitor, however, the Lexus LC 500 Convertible could be added to make things more interesting. Both are on the more comfortable end of a grand touring spectrum, and since the Audi RS5 Cabriolet doesn’t exist and the Porsche 911 is in a different price range, the M4 is the only one that is geared toward the track. 2023 BMW M4 Competition Review

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