2024 Audi RS3 Price: The Design Is Much More Aggressive

2024 Audi RS3 Price: The Design Is Much More Aggressive – This 2024 Audi RS3 is indeed a compact supercar with increased length, width, and aggression. It has a modern electronic rear axle with such a drift mode and 402 horsepower, which it unleashes through its wide fenders. The RS3 lives up to its hype, as I was capable of putting it through its paces on the road, the track, and the skidpad.

2024 Audi RS3 Changes

When the driver presses the unlock button on the RS3, a humorous “R-S-3-checkered flag” appears in the front lights on the driver’s side. Audi’s usual meticulous attention to detail can be seen in the RS3’s lighting system, which has consecutive LED signal lights at both ends as well as Matrix LED headlights.

2024 Audi RS3 Review

At first glance, the RS3 appears to be quite similar to the subdued, geometric style of a A3 as well as S3 sedans based on which it is based. However, a closer inspection shows significant changes that increase performance as well as visual aggression. The RS3’s wheel arches are dramatically flared to accommodate the larger wheels and tires, and the car sits almost an inch below the standard A3. As an added bonus, the new RS3 has a front track that is 1.7″ wider than the outgoing model. Brake cooling air vents carved at the back of the front fender flares add to the RS3’s broad stance.

2024 Audi RS3 Exterior

The RS3’s front bumper is more aggressively styled than the standard model’s, and it features a gloss black grille frame that blends into darkened headlights. The $750 Black Optic Plus upgrade I chose for my model conceals the Audi rings, the rear insignia, and the roof, and gives the regular 19″ wheels a matte black finish.

2024 Audi RS3 Specs

Above the sculpted, black, hexagon-patterned rear bumper and the black rear fascia that conceals the RS3’s dual oval exhaust points is a tiny lip spoiler.

2024 Audi RS3 Engine

The RS3 conceals a 2.5L inline 5-cylinder motor with turbocharging capable of producing 402 horsepower and 370 of torque behind its blacked-out single-frame grille. With special tuning for the North American market, we were able to enhance power by 7 horsepower compared to the European version and torque by 15 pounds-feet compared to the previous RS3. Because our RS3 doesn’t have the Euro-mandated particle filter, the lilting burble of a inline-5 engine can be heard more clearly than in the overseas model. A 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox with paddle shifters fitted to the steering wheel channels all that power.

2024 Audi RS3 Price

On a section of highway that is practically a straight line near the California–Nevada border, I put the RS3 through its acceleration paces with transmission in its sportiest mode and also the launch control engaged. When a light dusting of desert sand is blown over the asphalt, the subcompact car faces an uphill battle. However, the Quattro AWD system swiftly compensates for the reduced traction by digging in and allowing the RS3 to accelerate from zero to sixty miles per hour in just 3.6 seconds. For obvious reasons, I was unable to put the RS3’s 180 mph peak speed (when equipped with $5,501 Dynamic Plus option) to the test.

This RS Torque Split rear differential, standard on the 2024 RS3, gives the driver finer control over the front-to-rear torque split and introduces lateral torque-vectoring abilities towards the rear axle. By allowing the driver to direct up to one hundred percent of the RS3’s usable torque to either of the car’s rear wheels, its RS Torque Splitter aids in the control of yaw during corner entry and exit.

2024 Audi RS3 Release Date

The RS3 has six different Drive Select modes that alter the proportion of power sent to the front as well as rear wheels. In the comfort setting, the vehicle gives more weight to front-wheel drive and power efficiency; Torque is evenly distributed between the front and back wheels in automatic mode, whereas in dynamic mode, it is sent mostly toward the rear wheels.

There are three distinct RS driving modes available on the RS3. We took extra effort to reduce understeer and oversteer when tuning RS Performance for the track. Controlled drifting is possible in RS Torque Rear, a rear-wheel-drive mode. Finally, there is an RS Individual mode that allows the driver to adjust their own unique settings for the vehicle’s chassis, steering, engine, exhaust tone, as well as differential.

2024 Audi RS3 Colors

Brake cooling in the RS3 is enhanced by 20% compared to the preceding sedan thanks to the standard big 14.9″ cross-drilled iron rotors and aluminum three-piston calipers. However, I waited in line at the track’s entry in a model that had been updated with the Dynamic Plus Package. This addition included 15″ ceramic rotors, which reduce unsprung weight by around 22 pounds while also increasing thermal capacity and diminishing fade. The back brakes are able to grasp 12.3″ steel rotors either way.

P Zero semi-slick racetrack rubber was installed in place of the usual 265/30ZR19 Pirelli tires that come on the Audi. With this $451 upgrade on top of the Dynamic Plus option, the RS3 is prepared for peak racing performance on such a hot, dry track; according to the automaker’s engineers, its RS Efficiency mode was improved for these tires. However, the RS Performance mode also significantly reduces the RS3’s ability to handle the wet. Although the Trofeo R tires pass legality inspections, they aren’t ideal for everyday use. (Audi requires its customers to sign a waiver before enabling the Trofeo R configuration)

2024 Audi RS3 Interior

This RS3 is a monster when unleashed on the track, yet it’s surprisingly straightforward to pilot. With the rear differential’s torque vectoring on full display at Spring Mountain’s sweeping fast turns, I am able to explore the increased grip provided by the track tires and gradually increase the timing of my throttle applications. The ceramic brakes are also very effective here, and they work all the way up towards the tighter hairpin in the middle of the track, reducing speed impressively each lap with no sign of wear.

As the sun sets, I am ready to put the RS3 through its drifting paces on the a skid pad. WPutting the car inside the RS Torque driving mode, that automatically puts the transmission in manual and locks the Quattro technology into RWD, is all that’s needed for setup. To be honest, I’ve always found it difficult to hang the RS3’s tails loose all around cone course since I’m usually too careful and would rather have grip and speed than smokey slides. Activating this mode has shown to be extremely effective.

The sedan’s attitude can be altered with precise flicks of the throttle as well as the fast, variable-ratio cornering thanks to the combination of 402 horsepower scurrying for grip just at rear wheels, a compact and agile wheelbase, and sophisticated torque vectoring. 2024 Audi RS3 Price

2024 Audi RS3 Price and Release Date

An additional $14,001 puts the base price of an Audi RS3 in 2024 at $59,996, which includes the $1,096 destination charge. The RS3 is a more powerful and performance-oriented alternative to the AMG CLA45 as well as a formidable rival towards the M2 Competition for it’s own price. 2024 Audi RS3 Price

The MMI Navigator, Bang & Olufsen audio system, head-up screen, including recognition of traffic signs in the enhanced RS Technology package added $2,751 to the price of my road-ready version, and the RS Sport exhaust set me back an additional $1,001. My test vehicle cost $64,846 before adding on the optional blind-spot monitor and rear cross-traffic alert (a $351 value) and the Black Optic Plus package (a $751 value).

Options are rearranged for the track-ready Kyalami Green model; the tech bundle is dropped and $2,096 is spent on a new coat of paint and the RS Design package, $2,751 is spent on carbon fiber outside trim, $5,501 is spent just on Dynamic Plus update with ceramic brakes, and $451 is spent on semi-slick race tires. In its tested configuration, it costs $72,891, not including a few minor add-ons.

That’s probably too much money for a tiny sedan, even a 402-horsepower one, but there are other, more important reasons to consider twice before piling on the extras. While the race tires as well as brakes are great for the track, they are not ideal for daily driving due to their poor wet-weather handling plus higher noise. 2024 Audi RS3 Price

Its RS3 is a very versatile weapon, as it strikes a nice mix between on-road nimbleness and passenger-friendly amenities, racetrack prowess, and skidpad antics. The price tag is a bit steep for such a compact car, and rational consumers may find a better mix of price and usable performance in the equally fantastic Audi S3. However this 2024 Audi RS3 is among the greatest of the bunch for demanding and well-heeled buyers who are searching for the unique vehicle not only does anything, but does everything well.

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