2024 BMW iX M60 Price: The Most Powerful iX EV

2024 BMW iX M60 Price: The Most Powerful iX EV – The BMW iX M60 is more expensive by $21,901 compared to the base iX xDrive50, with a price tag of $106,096 (plus $996 for transportation). With the additional funds, you can upgrade to more powerful engines, a more rigid suspension, and a broader list of standard features. In theory, it makes sense. Maybe, but is it really worth it? Alas, the answer is no. “This Article Just A Rumors”

2024 BMW iX M60 Price

2024 BMW iX M60 Changes

Exterior Design

The cost of such additional strength is a decrease in range. The EPA estimates a 288-mile range for the base 2024 iX M60 on 21″ wheels, whereas the base 2022 iX xDrive50 also has 21s and achieves 305 miles on a single charge. Additionally, the xDrive50 is available even with small 20″ wheels, giving it a range of 324 miles according to the EPA. But if you’ve got a Level 2 charging station at home, the differences between these numbers probably won’t matter all that much in practice. The iX can use the highest powerful Level 3 charging stations because it is able of 195 kW DC quick charge.

2024 BMW iX M60 Review

BMW claims that the iX M60’s suspension is more tuned for stiffness than that of the xDrive50, but I haven’t driven both vehicles side by side to be able to draw any firm conclusions. Similar to the iX xDrive50 I drove in Germany last fall, the iX M60 has a very familiar and pleasant ride quality. Though the differences might be felt under heavy acceleration, this is hardly an ideal scenario for a huge electric SUV. 2024 BMW iX M60 Price

2024 BMW iX M60 Release Date

That, however, is not meant as a criticism on the iX M60. Its M60’s basic dual-axle suspension does a great job of cushioning the ride and keeping the driver and passengers calm and collected over the rough pavement of German motorways and city streets alike. The iX is exceptionally well-balanced, even on its widest 22-inch wheels; it has substantial steering (that squircle wheel looks odd), and it has almost no rolling resistance in bends. Like the xDrive50, the M60 is pleasant to drive.

2024 BMW iX M60 Exterior

Other than its outside design, the M60’s other differentiating features are purely cosmetic or related to the M60’s various optional extras and retail packaging. In addition to the extended usage of the really cool bronze trim, you can spot the M emblems just on blue brake calipers. The 22″ wheels are tailored to the M60, as well as the black M emblems on the bodywork are the icing on the cake. 2024 BMW iX M60 Price

2024 BMW iX M60 Horsepower

Interior Design

The M60 is the flagship model, therefore it naturally features the all iX’s greatest upgrades. The M60’s list of features is extensive, including rear-axle steer, cruise control, the Bowers & Wilkins sound system, a power liftgate, and heated seats. You also receive the innovative features first seen in the iX xDrive50, such as the adaptive regenerative braking system that adjusts to the surrounding environment through GPS and the unique driving soundtrack developed by Hans Zimmer for the future.

2024 BMW iX M60 0-60

Speaking of Global Positioning System coordinates, BMW’s newest iDrive 8 infotainment suite, which includes built-in navigation, is standard equipment. A 15″ electronic gauge cluster as well as a 12.4″ center touchscreen are incorporated in the curved display.

2024 BMW iX M60 Interior

The iDrive 8 home/menu screen may appear cluttered at first glance due to the large number of tiny tiles it contains, but with some experience, you’ll quickly become adept at navigating it. The “Hey, BMW” actually woke command gives you access to the system’s natural spoken voice controls, while the manufacturer’s gesture controls are still as unpleasant and pointless as ever.

2024 BMW iX M60 Colors

However, the iX M60, in spite of its comprehensive features, is missing a crucial component. All M60s are outfitted in leather or leatherette, so you can’t get the superb microfiber as well as wool upholstery which comes standard on the iX xDrive50. Maybe you don’t see the big issue, but I wouldn’t buy an iX if it didn’t come with the soft greenish-blueish-grayish fabric. This special touch is the finishing touch in a cockpit that is otherwise bright, spacious, and forward-thinking in its design (thanks to features like illuminated open-pore glass and wood controls).

2024 BMW iX M60 Engine

Similar to the iX xDrive50, the M60 is underpinned by a front-wheel-drive platform. A lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a total capacity of 111.6 kWh (of which 106.4 kWh is usable) lies beneath its lighter weight space frame. Using a couple of electric engines at each axle, the iX M60 generates 533 horses plus 750 of torque overall, with an additional 812 lb-ft accessible for short periods of time during hard launches. BMW claims the iX M60 can reach miles per hour within 3.6 secs, which is impressive for a vehicle of its size and weight (5,769 pounds), especially when compared to the X5.

2024 BMW iX M60 Specs

The iX xDrive50, for comparison, has 517 horsepower plus 564 of torque and can reach 60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds. A difference of 0.8 seconds between their 0-60 mph times may not seem like much, but consider: All electric vehicles have a brisk impression. No matter how many power you have available, the excitement of quick electrical torque make starting an electric automobile thrilling. When compared to the xDrive50, this iX M60 is really not noticeably speedier. This is the case for both initial velocity and sustained acceleration.

2024 BMW iX M60 Cargo Space

2024 BMW iX M60 Price and Release Date

Putting aside your picky tastes in interior design, there just aren’t enough positives to warrant upgrading to an iX M60. But among high-end SUVs, there is a model for this scenario: You can probably guess whether BMW X5 is the better value the base X5 M or the higher-end X5 M50i with its V8 engine. 2024 BMW iX M60 Price

Still not convinced? The MSRP of a fully loaded 2019 BMW iX xDrive50 is $101,621 (including destination charges) when equipped with the sport body kit, 21″ wheels, microfiber upholstery, and every available option. Once you reach that limit, the additional $4,476 you spend will only provide you increased power at the expense of driving distance. Do you think it’s money well spent? 2024 BMW iX M60 Price

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