2023 BMW 230i Specs – Say Hello To BMW 230i Coupe

2023 BMW 230i Specs – Say Hello To BMW 230i Coupe – These days, small coupes are hard to find, particularly in the luxury sector. But with its redesigned 230i, BMW still is determined to make fun of small cars with rear-wheel drive.

2023 BMW 230i Exterior

2023 BMW 230i Changes

Exterior Design

The fresh 2 Series is 4.3 inches lengthier than the old one because it is built on the very same new platform as the bigger 3 Series as well as 4 Series. The coupe seems to be 2.6 inches wider and the overall length is 2 inches longer. As a result, the fresh 230i is about 150 pounds heavier.

2023 BMW 230i Specs

My analyzer does have the $3,250 M Sport package, which adds things like bigger air intakes, shiny window trim, and a few other bits of shine. I really like basic Sport design pack more, but that’s just me. And, hello, at least the grille isn’t really huge. Back there, I don’t like how the coupe’s taillights are kind of small. They seem too small for the wide back end.

Interior Design

This BMW doesn’t come with many standard technologies that help the driver. My tester has not had adaptive cruise control, help with packing, or help with traffic jams. But blind-spot monitoring, lane departure, as well as auto emergency braking are included.

2023 BMW 230i Interior

Inside, a 2 Series has not had BMW’s newest infotainment system, iDrive 8. Instead, it has the did try iDrive 7 system. My tester has a 10.3-inch screen as well as a 12.3-inch smart gauge cluster, but rather an 8.8-inch infotainment screen is standard. Apple CarPlay but also Android Auto wirelessly connect, and you’ll get a color head-up screen as an option for the 2 Series. There are USB-A & USB-C outlets, and you can charge your phone wirelessly.

2023 BMW 230i Horsepower

The backs of the back seats have a lever that lets them tilt forward, but the power sliding feature takes a while to work. I’m 5 feet 9 inches in height, and the back seats are a good size for me. People who are taller won’t really be happy. 2023 BMW 230i Specs

2023 BMW 230i Release Date

The trunk of the 230i is small, with only 10 cubic feet of space. The back seats fold down to make more room. I was capable of moving a motorcycle hook carrier with the extra space, but you shouldn’t purchase a 2-door coupe unless you really need to haul a lot. 2023 BMW 230i Specs

2023 BMW 230i Specs

You can’t have a 2 Series with such a manual transmission at all anymore, which is sad, and yet you guys but yourselves keep blaming. Noone ever bought the guidebook. Instead, the 230i has a transmission with eight speeds that sends power to the back wheels. The power comes from a 2.0-liter turbo engine I4 engine that makes 255 horsepower as well as 296 pound-ft of torque. The M240i xDrive is the next step up if you really want so much power or all-wheel drive.

2023 BMW 230i Engine

Even so, the 230i has a lot of speed. The 2.0-liter engine in the new 230i has much more speed and performance than the engine in the old 230i. The torque is strong even at 1,550 rpm. This helps make the 230i ideal for tearing through corners, where the low-end power helps you strength out like a boss. The 8 automatic transmission is sharp enough that I never feel the need to use paddle shifters, particularly inside the 230i’s Sport mode. 2023 BMW 230i Specs

The entirely voluntary Dynamic Handling Package comes with bigger brakes and an M Sport rear differential. This $1,900 add-on makes carving corners a little more fun by sending more torque to the outside rear wheel when the car is turning. The upgraded brakes stop the car well without being too grabby, which is perfect. 2023 BMW 230i Specs

2023 BMW 230i Release Date And Price

The base price of the 2023 BMW 230i Coupe is $37,345, which includes a $995 destination charge. However, my tester costs $46,570 because it has a lot of extras. The Audi A5 as well as Lexus RC 350 coupes, which are bigger, cost several thousand dollars more than the base price of this car. The CLA250, which even the German people call a coupe although it has four doors, is the closest competitor.

I really like the 2 Series because it has a classic look, is fun to drive, and has easy-to-use technology for things like music and movies. It isn’t the most newer car on the market, but it is one of the few luxury sports coupes that are still around. I’m pleased BMW is still making cars in this segment.

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