2023 BMW Alpina B8 Price: The Most Expensive Version Of BMW’s 8 Series

2023 BMW Alpina B8 Price: The Most Expensive Version Of BMW’s 8 Series – As a result, the Alpina B8 from 2023 is unique in the BMW portfolio. A massive, low sedan based only on the 8 Series Gran Coupe was designed as a replacement for an M8 Gran Coupe. Even if it’s an excellent grand tourer, its M8 is pretty sumptuous. So what does this B8 provide that the M8 doesn’t already?

2023 BMW Alpina B8 Specs

2023 BMW Alpina B8 Changes

Exterior Design

To set the B8 from the rest of the 8 Series lineup, the chin spoiler of the front bumper features huge “ALPINA” writing. Along with a 0.6-inch rise in ride height, the larger front aerodynamic pieces look good, but they also provide a place for a cooling system. That’s just the beginning.

2023 BMW Alpina B8 Price

Pirelli P-Zero high-performance tires cover the arches of the forged 21″ wheels. Brembo 4-piston calipers with 15.7″ front brakes are also prominently shown behind the Alpina’s distinctive 20-spoke wheels. This 4,833-pound performance sedan can stop with ease.

2023 BMW Alpina B8 0 60

It boasts an Alpina bumper that incorporates its stainless exhaust quad tips into a huge diffuser at the back. When in Sport mode, the B8 sounds more forceful than the normal M850i. The Alpina as well as B8 logos are replaced with a lip spoiler on the sedan’s ducktail decklid, which completes the look.

Interior Design

The blue also Alpina light green color combinations are exclusive to the Gran Coupe, but you can choose from a broader range of other BMW Custom paint colors. Illuminated sills and Alpina-branded floor mats are visible when the doors are opened.

2023 BMW Alpina B8 Images

The blue as well as green stitching on the Lavalina leather trim just on B8’s steering wheel adds a splash of color. Alpina’s strange shift buttons are located on the rear, where they’re simple to grasp when you really have to but challenging to slap when you’re spiritedly driving.

2023 BMW Alpina B8 Interior

Customers in other countries have the option of selecting a Lavalina leather interior to complement this steering. However, this is not an option for models sold in the United States. BMW Individual Merino Leather (a $2,001 option) will not really feel like such a downgrade for my uncomplicated rear end.

This BMW Alpina B8 wasn’t your standard 8 Series, as evidenced by the nameplate located on the console, but the etched “8” on the crystal shifter overshadows it. In addition, a crystal controller with Alpina crest now at the center is one of the most eye-catching features of this cabin. BMW’s iDrive has never looked so good. BMW

2023 BMW Alpina B8 Colors

Talking of iDrive, Alpina hasn’t made any changes to the 8 Series’ interior technology aside from changing the ambient lighting to blue and green. By a 10.4″ touchscreen and a 12.3″ Live Cockpit Pro instrument panel cluster, BMW’s seventh-generation infotainment suite is rocking.

2023 BMW Alpina B8 Gran Coupe

However, the iDrive interface is as impressive as always, with clear graphics and logical organization as well as snappy speed when swiping through the screen. Initiating use with iDrive can be a bit of a challenge because of the variety of ways you can interface with it, including touchscreen, physical controllers, commands, as well as gestures.

2023 BMW Alpina B8 Gran Coupe 0 60

The $3,401 Bowers & Wilkins deluxe speaker upgrade is included in this sample. In contrast, Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto are basic features that also can be plugged in through USB or even wirelessly. 2023 BMW Alpina B8 Price

2023 BMW Alpina B8 Engine

The Alpina B8 xDrive Gran Coupe, of course, will cost you $40,001 more expensive than a basic BMW M850i. Alpina has been able to increase the output of BMW’s 4.4L twin-turbo V8’s 612 power as well as 590 torque by 89 horsepower and 37 torque. As a result, this M850i Gran Coupe’s 18 mpg on the city, 25 highway mpg, or 19 mpg mixed EPA fuel economy figures are unaffected by this additional horsepower.

2023 BMW Alpina B8 Engine

With an 8-speed automatic gearbox back for Alpina, the engine is connected to BMW’s xDrive AWD for smoother shifts. The B8’s powertrain is geared toward smooth cruising on the Autobahn rather than a neck-snapping M immediacy, however this car nevertheless has enough oomph to accelerate from zero to 60 miles just 3.3 secs.

Although it can handle the sportiest of the B8’s three drive modes with ease, the car’s suspension is calibrated for comfort as well. It can take on bumps and motorway extension joint ripples with ease. Rear-wheel steering is standard on the B8, but it’s absent on the M8, which makes it less stable when changing lanes quickly and increases the turning in parking lots. 2023 BMW Alpina B8 Price

2023 BMW Alpina B8 Price And Release Date

For a premium vehicle aiming to competing with other expensive automobiles, one would reasonably anticipate the Alpina B8’s sticker price to be high. The base price of such a 2023 Alpina B8 xDrive is $140,896, which includes all fees and taxes. You’re talking at $148,096 for the vehicle with a complete set of aid as well as luxury enhancements. For comparison, $9,000 is more expensive than just a BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupe. 2023 BMW Alpina B8 Price

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